I own an apartment in a residential complex in bangalore,recently i found out that my neighbours wants to sell his flat, and I was thinking of buying the same so that I can break the in between wall and make a bigger flat.

My question is that, is it legal to do such modification obviously I am not going to touch any pillars when i do the modification or alteration to the flats.

Can society raise an objection to this?

What should be the proper legal process for doing such a modification to the apartment.

Both the flat which i am trying to combine are going to be on housing loan with different banks.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi friend,

    Well, I think much depends upon the nature and intensity of activity you want to undertake in merging the two. It can be a single door entry to the other one or merger of bedroom/s to make a big living/ dining room or anything like that..

    I think you should consult a building contractor and an architect to discuss over the designs first. At the same time, before you lock the deal..discuss it specifically with your banks as to how they will treat the merger.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Vikram,
    Thanks a lot for a prompt reply. I have already consultant an architect he does not see any problems in removing the common wall and doing some more minor modification.

    But what I was more interested in find out was is there any legal approval required from authorities such as BDA, and/or society before i do anything like this, or once i get the flat i can do the necessary modifications.

    I have spoken to Banks, they dont have any issues with the same. Reason I mentioned about different banks is if it creates some complications in getting some approval from authorities.

  • Hi Rajesh,
    I am in a similar position now. Are there any legalities involved in this? We plan to get rid of just one wall and do very minor alterations. Please let me know.