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Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney

Last updated: November 1 2012
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    Re : Power of Attorney

    Hi I am new to this forum:
    I want to execute a power of attorney for my father to sign rent deed on my behalf as well take care of other financial matter related to two houses in Punjab (india). I am in USA, please advice how to proced with POA and if someone can point to a link for format of general POA that will be great.
    Additionally do I need to go through Consulate attestion of POA or I should notarize POA from USA and send for authorization to Commisioner NRI for authantification? Thanks.


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      Re : Power of Attorney

      Power of Attorney

      I would like to know, Can i get power of attorney from my kids to sell the property in India? My kids and myself we live in USA. Since i am also living in USA can the kids can give me power to sell their property in India. If they can then how do we do it?


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        Re : Power of Attorney

        Special Power of Attorney

        I recently (a week ago) sold a property in India using a power of attorney. My son and I jointly owned the property. I got my son's special power of attorney, went to India and sold the property. Here is what I did and it worked.

        - Prepared a special power of attorney from my son (Principal) to me (agent) on plain sheet of papers. I have attached the template version of my POA for you to use.

        - Notarized it by a notary public in USA

        - Attested it by the Secretary of State in the State (in USA) where I live

        - Asked one of the writers at the District Registrar's office in India to write a memo from me to the Registrar and transform the POA content onto a stamped paper. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people waiting to do this job and it cost me only Rs. 100.

        - Took the package (memo, POA content on the stamped paper, and the original POA prepared in USA) to the District Registrar and got it attested. The Registrar attested the original POA from USA with a serial number and his signature, and gave it back to me. He kept all other papers I prepared there in their file.

        - Also, I took all supporting documents to prove who I am and my relationship to the grantor (my address in USA and India, two photographs of me, my passport, property papers, copy of my son’s passport, his birth certificate, and his address proof). In other words, you need to prove everything you mentioned on the POA.

        - Presented the POA at the Sub Registrar's office where the sale took place.

        - No questions asked and everything went smooth.

        I was reading the websites just like you were for the answers to prepare a POA but I was completely confused with the posted answers. So I decided to handle it my way and it worked perfectly for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

        Good Luck
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          Re : Power of Attorney

          Thanks for this useful post- I was under the impression that for POA to be registered at Registrar office, both parties (agent and principal) need to be present physically .


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            Re : Power of Attorney

            Power of attorney between two private builders company

            recently, I finalized a property (builder floor) in indirapuram ghaziabad, Builder purcased this land from another builder through POA and agreement to sell. Means he has saved the stamp duty, the POA is between the first pvt developers company to second pvt developers company. Now when i applied for loan on this property (a floor on this plot) my loan gets rejected. Bank stated it was a POA between two companies so is this true?
            Please suggest any further legal issues which can arise with this kind of plot papers.


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?