My mother and my wife has bought under construction property. Property to be registered by end of year. My mother passed away but my father alive. How will my registration happpen.

Can my wife be sole owner now.

Can my father replace my mother name and have joint registeation with my wife as co owner.

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  • @LawRato , please help to answer the above query .
  • Hi,

    I presume that the sale deed has been executed but not registered so the ownership rights have not gone to your mother as of now. But as the sale deed has been executed so the same would be owned by the legal heirs of your mother, that is you. So in these circumstances, you should execute an amended sale deed and then get the property registered. After that you will become the co-owner of the property along with your wife. After that if you want to make your father a co-owner in the property or if you wish to make your wife the sole owner of the property then you can execute a relinquishment deed accordingly.