I am POA of my brothers flat, now he is looking to sell the flat and I am ready to buy.
He does not lives in India , so I maintain the property.
If I take a home loan , will I need to register the property ? As I am already POA holder and I am only the one who did all paper works for this property intially.

So I only signed all documents at time of registration etc etc as POA.

my questions :

- Will bank require registration papers before releasing loan to me

- Can I as a POA do all the process as by this my brother wont have to come here
- Whats the best way to go for it, I need the property and he wants to sell

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  • @LawRato , our In house legal expert would help u answering the above .
    • MANOJa2 months ago
      You don't need to contact anybody . Lawrato would answer the query once he logs in .
  • Hello,

    First of all it needs to be ascertained whether it is a general power of attorney or a special power of attorney. After that even if it is a general power of attorney then in that case too it needs to be ascertained what is the general nature of the power that has been given to you and to what extent it can be exerted.

    In the present case as you wish to sell the property, it would certainly be beyond your power seeing the general nature of power of attorney.