I have a big ancestral property in my village which was bought by my grand father but now my father wants to sell/ claim his part and want to get seprate with his part but uncles are not ready to sell, there are 6 partners in that property including my father, what to do please suggest as we desperately want to sell my part. Whenever we ask them to divide the property in the equal parts then they all are not ready to sell and partition, but we need money from that property so please suggest that how can we claim our part and sell. grand fatherdiedin 1983 with divind the property in thier kids. We have one aunt also.
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  • @LawRato , any advise on the above ?
    • MANOJa11 months ago
      Lets wait for Legal Expert @LawRato to comment on this, he generally logs in once a week, so check the forum after some time .
  • The issue is that to sell, all legal holders of the property need to agree to sell . You cannot force anybody, but as i said u can entice them by offering some part of your share . Try this, might work .
    • arpitnigam030911 months ago
      Thanks, can you please tell me what is the procedure to divide the land in physical form.