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We had purchased a new flat in Mumbai. At the time of registration, we had registered the flat on me and my father's name. My father is working in SBI and to avail staff loan we need to cancel my name from the registration so as to make my father the sole owner of the property.

Please suggest what is the procedure to make the changes and what are the relevant charges for same? Do we need to pay stamp duty & registration again?
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  • There are a number of ways in which the above can be done . You can do that by way of relinquishment , transfer, gift or a nominal sale of your undivided interest /share in the property. The process, amount of stamp duty or taxes will depend upon the State where the property is situated and the option you choose out of the ones given here .

    I am not sure on the charges in Maharashtra, consult a Lawyer and he would guide u and get this done .