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Land Measurement issue in patta


Land Measurement issue in patta

Last updated: September 25 2018
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  • Land Measurement issue in patta

    Dear All,

    I had purchased a land on the basis of dalil from a person. When I purchased that land on the same day I had done the registration for my property of 1200 sq. ft. And after 3 months I had applied for patta of that property. After 1 year I got patta for 800 sq. ft. land but I purchased 1200 sq. ft. which is mentioned in my dalil (Registration paper). According to Tehsil office person rest 400 sq. ft. was added in the patta from the person whom I purchased the land.

    Tehsil office person told me that the seller needs to present to rectify the land measurement in my patta. But the person from whom I purchased the land is not coming to rectify the mistake.

    Can anyone please suggest what steps should I take to rectify the mistake mentioned in patta without the help of the seller.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rakesh Sharma
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