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Society Issues


Society Issues

Last updated: February 12 2019
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  • Society Issues

    My father has passed away and we are 3 females in the house. We are staying in ground floor. There is septic tank behind my toilet. which is covered from all the side. The only way to go there is from terrece . There is rod stairs which goes down there.

    Before, this was not the issue. But after my dad died they are saying we can make anyone cleaning it. Anyone can go and die. Previously i paid from my pocket but every time i cant do that. They dont even accept, if i cut the amount and pay the rest maintainence.

    i called septic tank cleaner they cleaned it. But one of the socity member started fighting.

    Again i m facing same issue. my toilet smelling worst and whenever water goes it started sound of not going water properly.

    please help me what can i do.... PLEASE.
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    Re : Society Issues

    If it is a common septic tank for the Society, then everybody living in the society has to pay for cleaning it.

    Try resolving this mutually, but if u still face issues, hire a lawyer and send a notice to the Secretary of the society.

    Please read IREF rules | FAQ's


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