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legal or illegal suggest advise if any


legal or illegal suggest advise if any

Last updated: March 7 2019
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  • legal or illegal suggest advise if any

    Recently i surveyed some project in Rajkot and found that builders are asking for around avg {60 40, 70 30} for white and black

    ex a flat for 1 cr and the bulder is asking for 60 lacs in stamp register & 40 lacs in cash

    should i pay , ifeel this is not right

    for an avg i serveyed around 6 projects some of them where just started construction after calculating by circle rate i found that white money which they are asking for is the actual rate for circle rate = jantri

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    Re : legal or illegal suggest advise if any

    What is the name of the Project/Builder?

    This is illegal, but many Buyers & Builders do work like this.
    Please read IREF rules | FAQ's


    • chirag sharma
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      so what do u suggest should i negotiate or can i take take some legal action ?
      buy the way the projects were good

    • MANOJa
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      Whether you need to take legal action or negotiate, really depends on you. But do remember, making payment in cash/black may have lots of pitfalls later on.
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