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Deviation in flats in chennai


Deviation in flats in chennai

Last updated: August 1 2019
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  • Deviation in flats in chennai

    One flat owner in apartment has built the room( only on single brick balcony wall) on private terrace which is not in approval plan, Other owners in apartment have filed compliant to corporation about this construction which imposes safety.

    That flat owner has given the complaint about the deviation in apartment(10% of total) against the other owners. That 10% deviation is done by builder with the proper structure

    Would like to know which complaint is legal and valid

    1) Improper structure and deviated Construction on the private terrace by flat owner which endangering safety to other residents?

    2) Proper structured deviation in entire apartment by builder?

    3) can deviation complaint be given either to builder/ flat owners or both ?

    4) when/which case will the complaint lead to demolision of the entire building or only the affected area?

    5) When/what basis will the construction get penalty and approved after paying penalty

    6) who will be responsible for paying penalty in case of legalized approval for deviation(Owner/Builder)

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