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Tenant Rights


Tenant Rights

Last updated: August 27 2019
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  • Tenant Rights

    Our building has 3 wings which are all joint to each other. Each wing is owned by our landlord and his brothers. It’s a 45+ year old building that hasn’t been repaired once after it has been constructed. The landlords are so adamant that none of them is willing to repair or redevelop the building. Even if any one amongst them agrees others denies. The condition of building is worsening with every passing year. The tenants are not even allowed to repair the interiors of their houses without landlords permission. All tenants are living in constant fear of losing their lives and homes.

    Current situation is such that some have sold their property to the landlord, some of the tenants have moved to alternate property out of fear of building falling anytime and the remaining others those who cant afford to buy alternate property are stuck here praying for some miracle to happen.

    What are the rights that we have and what legal actions can we take against this? PLEASE HELP
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    Re : Tenant Rights

    Well, if you are a tenant, then the best thing would be to shift from that building. That is the most feasible option in your case. The other thing that you can do is to file a complaint with the local administration about the condition of the building. However, that would take time and effort and it has to be a joint effort of the tenants, if they wish to live in the premises for long.


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