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Terrace flat notice issued against me


Terrace flat notice issued against me

Last updated: February 8 2020
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  • Terrace flat notice issued against me


    I purchased a flat in 2004 in a 30 year old building which was 1bhk+ terrace(access from my house)

    Even on the agreement the total area including the terrace is mentioned and five years ago a survey was done by the secretary to re-evaluate the property tax.

    I fought off an illegal mobile tower installed in my building. Thus the secretary and chairman have a personal issue with me now and have gotten a notice from.the bmc which says my terrace flat is illegal since there are cement sheets on it and they have to break it. My building has 4-5 such extra structures but the bmc is giving that a blind eye.

    I did not do the construction it was there since late 80s or early 90s and i have witness ready for oral and written statements.

    What is the best way i can fight off this corruption? I am being blackmailed by the bmc saying that turn the tower back on and we will let your terrace flat stay.

    My mother is a brain tumor victim so installing the tower is out of questions.

    If i remove the sheet is there any other way to cover it?

    Any other law which i can use?

    Please help

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    Re : Terrace flat notice issued against me

    It probably looks like the previous owner has covered a part of the open terrace with Ab sheet and means that the construction is not legal and thats the cause of the notice.

    Check the original sale agreement from builders. It should have a sketch of your flat showing the built up and open areas of the terrace flat

    If the open areas have been covered thats makes it ilegal. A terrace flat does not give you liberty to cover open terrace spaces.

    Check with an architect if the ilegalities can be regularised by making an application to MCGM & paying penalties.

    No where has it been proved that mobile towers cause health problems. The area under the mobile tower actually receives significantly less radiation as opposed to a place exactly opposite to a tower.

    Keep in mind that the mobile phone that you carry also causes wireless radiation. Cordless phones, microwaves, wifi routers, bluetooth devices all give out wireless signals.

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