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NOC needed to vacate rented property


NOC needed to vacate rented property

Last updated: February 8 2020
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  • NOC needed to vacate rented property


    I am tenant planning to vacate my rented appartment. I have given more than one month notice to my landlord and he is fine with this (my agreement states one month notice needed). The society is asking me to pay "society charges" in order to procure an NOC to vacate this . My rent agreement is registered and it says that all charges are to be borne by the owner. Am I liable to pay any charges to the society just to get an NOC? Is it mandatory to get society NOC to vacate the property?

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    Re : NOC needed to vacate rented property

    Some societies tend to charge a security deposit for tenants to move in / out all their belongings. This is done to ensure that society property is not damaged during the process of moving in/out.

    Who pays the deposit is a matter between you and the owner. The owner may be justified in retaining a part of your security deposit and refund it later once you move out is complete.

    Beyond this there is no justification to seek an NOC from society to move out


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