I have paid an advance money of 10 lakh for a flat in November 2019. In December 2019 the day before registration of the flat , I have decided to cancel the registration because I am not able to arrange the remaining money.

Later we have signed an agreement that the builder will return my money only after selling the flat.

but it has been more than 2 and half months , still he hasn't paid the money as he did not sell any flat until now.

when I asked him to pay the money from any of his other source of income , he said he doesn't have any other source of income and asked for some more time.

but I need the money urgently and also I am paying interest for that money....

is there any way to get the money fast from him , by filing a police complaint or case in the court....?
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  • Can you name the Builder & the Project? An thread may already exist on the Project. If an thread on the Project exists already, this thread would then be required to get merged with the original existing thread.