we are staying in a house in pune from more than 45 years.the land lord has sold the property to another person now the rent receipt was issued on my uncles name who expired long time back and his son is not at all interested in the property as he is staying overseas.we are requesting the new landlord to accept rent.but he says that since he cant issue a rent receipt on a dead mans name who was my late uncle.and he says that get the property transferred on the person actual living in the house.so all my fathers brothers and everyone happily issued a NOC letter saying that they have no objection that we are staying in this house.after everything being done now this new landlord wants us to vacate the house and he says that according to law and the actual value of our house, the land lord and the tenant has to bear 50 50..has has estimated the value for 40lacs IRS.so we get 20lacs which we feel is not right ..so what can we do? also as our house is old it needs repairs and he is not allowing us to repair and troubling us in a very sweet manner..plz can anyone give us the right suggestion? how much would the law be in our favour i mean in favour of tenants

plzplzplz give a rigt suggestion

as we just dont have any money to hire a lawyer:(
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  • vrepair, your comment is not clear ( or maybe, i am not able to understand it ) .

    Could u please elaborate ???

    If somebody understands the issue, please comment .
  • sir i am clear till the part that u bought a NOC frm your cousin that u r stayin in the house...but after noc part ...i am nt able to understand..

    The new owner wants to sell the house...?
    do u have a rent agreement?