I wish to sell my real estate property in India via my brother, as I live in USA. I believe I have to use a Special Power of Attorney for this, and follow the simple steps:
1. Execute a Special Power of Attorney in name of the Person who will be signing the agreements and other documents on your behalf. The Power of attorney has to be signed in front of the consul officer in the Indian Embassy of the city and country where you are located. Affixing photograph and the left thumb impression alonwith your signature is essential. You can then send the POA to India, where it has to be adjudicated. After the adjudication process, the POA is ready for use in India for buying any property.

1. POA has to be executed according to USA laws ( with stamps)
2. It has to be notarized by a notary public in USA
3. It has to be attested by INDIA embassy in USA
4. POA sent to India
5. Attorney should sign the POA (last page)
6. Notarized and stamped according to India laws (Special Adhesive stamp)
7. Registration of POA with the sub register office of identified land for purchasing
8. Only special POA of is accepted in case real estate
9. Grantor shall sign all the pages of POA

I'm trying to find the Special Power of Attorney (INDIA) form from over the internet, but can't seem to find it. Could someone please post a link for this? Also, I'd like some verification of the steps I've posted. Any correction, or addition is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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