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Query about Legal Actions against a Builder


Query about Legal Actions against a Builder

Last updated: February 2 2009
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  • Query about Legal Actions against a Builder

    I had purchased a apartment in Dec 2007 from a known builder in the region(Noida/Greater Noida). There was no sample apartment ready for viewing so I had to rely on the floor plan for my making my decision.
    After about 4 months when a semi finished apartment was available for a visit I proceeded to visit the site.
    To my shock there was a pillar in the lobby leading to the drawing and dining area along with some change in the entrance floor plan.
    I requested clarification from the builder and all I got was that they had to accommodate a fire escape stair case so they had to change the floor plan and add the pillar to support the extra weight on the structure.
    These changes I came to know had been done even before I had bought this place and I was not shown the updated floor plans.
    My question to anyone who can help me is:
    1) Are such changes allowed to the floor plan?
    2) Since I was not provided with the updated floor plan, Does this lead to mis-selling?
    3) What are my Legal options for action against the builder?
    To top it all now the builder has informed that there has been an increase in 136 sq ft and we are required to pay this amount soon.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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