As per Supreme Court orders Builders cannot charge for Parking spaces. However in spite of paying complete balance amount (less parking), the builder is not giving possession of the house. The builder is insisting on payment of 8 Lakhs for parking (now being called as amenity) in order to collect the keys. Incidentally the amount for parking was shown as 3 Lakhs when the flat was booked in 2009. the builder says that the rate has been revised from 3 to 8 lakhs. Initially when we refused to buy parking, the builder agreed to give possession without the parking, saying you can take it if you want it. Now the builder has collected the remaining balance amount but is not handing over the keys. Guys, Please advise on options available.
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    Pls do not pay parking charges, he promised every body that parking is optional.Even same thing is mentioned in agreement.

    Pls do not pay parking charges.
  • Same is true for other project also (Amethyst), as I have been asked for paying 8 lakh for parking & this is todays rate & at the time of posession rate can be different. Thou at the time of booking agreed parking rate was 2.5 Lac.
  • Amethyst updates?

    Sonu, I need updates on Amethyst. I too was asked to pay 7 lakhs last year. Has it become 8 now?
    I think the work had started again last month . Is there any issue again?
  • This is daylight robbery u can buy 2 cars in that money
  • And if u buy Tata Nano may be 4 ....
  • Nirmal Amethyst Owners Association

    Its time now that we group our selves together as NIRMAL Lifestyle is taking us so lightly. AMETHYST was announced in 2005 and was promised to deliver the flats in 2009.

    They have taken 60% payment 2 year back and issued the letter of posession by End of 2013, but the project is at the same stage as it was 2 years back. And now there is change in layout plan also, flats booked with SUN Deck will have to give away there Decks (as Nirmal has to give make payment to Govt for SUN Decks as per new Govt. ruling) & also parking rates has been revised to 8 Lacs from 2.5 lacs.
  • WOW Means Possassion abhi tak mila hi nahi hai .. To kis baat ka 8 Lakhs .. laath de do usko 1 Madam.. Be behind possession.. End Game of Indian Real Estate is near .. I doubt if he will spend any more money on anything..

    Common Man Economics: How Real estate in India keep going up n how will it burst ...
  • Hi
    All Amethyst buyers, as suggested by one of us, we all should come in together and form a group. We should start by compiling our contact details such as email id and phone numbers. Then we can be in touch with each other and perhaps put our brains together to figure a way out of this mess. I am also a victim and have a booking in Amethyst which was done in 2005. Since last 2 years there has been no construction and these guys simply do not respond properly. I do not reside in India and it is quite difficult to know what is happening with the project unless such forums are made use of and communicate with fellow buyers or victims should I say.

    Please email me your experiences and more importantly your contact details and perhaps I can start compiling it and resend to all so that we are all on the same page to take things forward against Nirmals.

    I have already seen some users - Kamal48, Sonu1974, Itihas and nicolprism who perhaps have bookings in Amethyst and I am sure there could be many more in this forum. I am also a member of the forum since some time now and will try and get people from their as well.

    Navin Pai
  • Apologies for delay in replying, can we discuss in more details HERE ON IREF
  • Lets all join togather & take required next course of action
  • Dear All,

    What is our next step? I have come across article in ET, sharing with you all

    Housing project delays: Roadmap to help you out of the logjam - The Economic Times

    It's request to all affected flat holders to consolidate & start the action against builder before it's tooooo late.
  • Havent seen any update for long? Any legal proceedings initiated?