I've got this case in college for my moot court examination and I'd really appreciate some help.

Building Blocks is a well established private ltd company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act 1956 engaged in the businesss of real estate development. Maulika Gonsalves is the owner of the land situated at Andheri measuring 5 acres. In around March 2005, Building Blocks and Ms Maulika entered into an agreement whereby Building Blocks would be entitled to develop the said property for a total sum of Rs 10 cr subject to certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled by both the parties. However, the said agreement is unregistered, Pursuant to the agreement, Building Blocks installede its security guards at the said property and also its hoarding stating that it would be developing the said property.
A few months later,however, Ms Gonsalves entered into a registered agreement for a consideration of Rs 15 Cr with one M/s Property Solutions a partnership firm to develop the said property of Ms. Gonsalves Pursuant to the registered agreement Mr Gupta, partner of M/s Property Solutions not only threw out Building Blocks security guards and their boards but also installed their own security personnel on the said property. The MD of Building Blocks repeatedly tried to contact Ms Gonsalves, however, Ms Gonsalves did not return the calls. Aggreieved by the circumstances, Building Blocks has filed FIR against Mr.Gupta and a suit in the Hon'ble High Court of Bombay for specific performance of the agreement between Ms. Gonsalves and Building Blocks.

Im expected to recite alongwith the facts of the case, arguments in favour of the plaintiff as well as defendant, any kind of help will be much appreciated
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