I would appreciate any authoritative help on a dilemma. A family member is selling his property in Pune and sent a POA form that was notarized in the US and sent to his brother in Mumbai. The brother had the POA form stamped in Mumbai but was told that the POA did not need to be adjudicated per the stamp act. This family member's real estate agent, however, is disputing this and claims that the POA must adjudicated before registration in Pune. What is the current law on this? If the property is sold, does the sale deed need to adjudicated? Thank in you advance to all who advise.
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  • It must be Adjudicated in Pune.
  • need help on similar topic

    I want to see the property in India and want to send the POA from USA. On the embassy website I found the misc form to be filled, but do I have to write the power of attorney and get that stamped by the embassy?
  • Hi Jayantu,
    you will need to visit the website of the embassy that you will be visiting, for example, documents required in New york embassy is different to documents required in Chicago office. Also you do need to write your power of attorney which will be stamped by the Embassy. The pwoer of attroney can be written in normal A4 size sheets or can be written on a stamp paper from India.