I have an flat in new gurgaon which possession I shall get soon. I just want to know the process & fees for registration of flat in Gurgaon.

This property is financed by SBI and solely in my name, can I do the registration done in name of my spouse or Jointly.

Thanks & regards,
Prashant Sharma
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  • Registration cost of a flat for an Indian male in Gurgaon is 6% . There are discounts available if the property

    - is in the name of female in which case the registration charge is 4% or
    - is held jointly with a female where the charge is 5% .

    The % is charged on the basic cost of the property .

    For the registration process, refer to the attached document .
  • HI... Thanks for your revert....!!!! :-)
    Please let me know the aforesaid rate are the latest one???
    and please also tell me, can I do the registration in my spouse name or Jointly...the property is solely financed by bank in my name.
  • Originally Posted by prashants80
    HI... Thanks for your revert....!!!! :-)
    Please let me know the aforesaid rate are the latest one???
    and please also tell me, can I do the registration in my spouse name or Jointly...the property is solely financed by bank in my name.

    These r the latest rates . To get the Property registered jointly, u may need to sign an affidavit & give to your Builder . Speak to your Builder on this & he would give u the format for the affidavit .

    Once, u complete this formality, u can get the registration done in Joint name .
  • Hi,

    As advised by you, I spoken with my builder to get the format of affidavit but as this is their first project, they reverted that no such format available with them and even suggested me to transfer to complete property documents in joint name which may take too much time and efforts even much costlier.

    Request to you please provide me the format of affidavit if its available with you.
  • Government and Authority Charges - Unbeleivable but true (taken from a real project example)


    Everyone talks about frauds by Builders everyday. Not many understand that its not Builders
    but our own Governement that sucks out Blood from us Middle Class people desirous of having
    house of own -

    These are typical charges taken away by government directly or indirectly from us. Isnt
    Housing our right too ? . If Govt has policy for EWS, should not there be a policy for
    other middle category people like us ? . It is unfair to collect huge taxes, charges,
    fees from us. Should nt the limit these from luxurious projects only ? ...
    why should a affordable house be charged so much ? isnt this the duty of Govt to
    provide housing for all ? if they can have policy for EWS why not for MIG too ?

    Check and decide for your self...

    a. Registration Charges - 6-8% of Property Cost + 1% Other -
    (for my 26lac property cost was 2.1 Lacs Stampy Duty + 25K reg fees)

    Why do we need to pay so high for registration from our hard earned money ? Does govt
    provide any protection regulation for safeguarding our intrest ? is prompt action taken
    during cheating fraud by builders ? so why these charges when they dont provide service ?

    b. EDC/IDC - approx 20% Cheat by Govt In guise of Development
    (for my 26lac flat total of 4.35 lacs)

    Isnt this the duty of govt to do development ? to provide for housing roti kapda makan
    which is basic human necessity ? atleast provide for infrastructure. No the taxes you
    pay are not enough. They suck your blood again in name of development. if this is not
    enough - suprize there is no development promised ... roads, sewer, power, water all
    are in shambles or not provided at all inspite of paying so much

    c. EWS Housing Provision - 25% - (Approx 6.5 Lacs from my 26 Lacs Cost goes to EWS

    If all this isnt enough, the builder needs to provide and reserve 25% of the Group Housing
    project or 20% of plotted development for EWS housing, Do you think this comes from builders
    kindness or Govt provides the additional 25% land and cost ? ... no again we are the victims
    who pay for this from our pockets. this is significant cost incurred and charity snatched
    from us. Shouldnt Govt or Builder do it from their own ? why charge affordable housing with
    this ? we put our lifelong hard earned money even we need respite.

    d. Service Tax - Approx 2% - (approx 50K for my 26 Lac flat)

    Now I know you will be smiling at this :) because it seems like a miniscule amount now, paying
    for so much burden this seems like peanuts. All this was not enough for the Sarkar,
    so they charge tax also on this.

    e. Other Indirect charges - Approx 10-25% or more (I will not put a figure here)

    The Builder needs to pass plans, approvals, acquire land, pay compensation, bribes. W
    ithout all this nothing moves a inch. This all again comes from someones pockets .... :)
    you guessed it right ... its US again. Mubarak ho ap vijayi huye

    So in total I Paid :

    8% Reigstration + 1 % Misc + 20% EDC/IDC + 20% EWS Cont + 2 % Service Tax + Other Charges

    A TOTAL OF WHOPPING 51% PAID BY US (not to builders but to Sarkaar) .. Shocking but true
    (not including indirect charges mentioned in E. Section)

    The purpose of my Blog is not to justify builders cheatings, but bring to light other form of cheating /
    fraud which are being done by people who are incharge of implementing and doing justice. But now you
    can see they are hand in glove and no different from Builders. At least builders are in business and
    profit is their motive, but these Agencies / Bodies are not.

    There is no justification for such shameful charges.

    Hope this works as an eye opener and everone realises the bitter truth.
    • vikramsharma.14361 years ago
      TAX ON FOOD..