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Gifted Property dispute


Gifted Property dispute

Last updated: March 28 2014
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  • Gifted Property dispute

    Dear Sir,
    My grandfather has five children - three sons and two daughters. He purchased the house with help of his elder son and papers were on the name of same son. Few years later son gifted that house to his mother i.e. my grandmother. He carried on all the repairs and maintenance of the house and paid all the taxes from time to time. His younger brother as they got married purchased their own home and shifted to other cities. Whereas eldest son build the 1st floor on same house as grandmother emotionally forced not to go away from her. In year 1992 grandfather expired and in year 2002 the elder son expired and in year 2007 grandmother also expired i.e. on whose name property papers are. Now issue is that
    1. To whom this house belong to?
    2. Is it sole property of the eldest son family or the two brothers will also get the share?
    3. There is also a will by grandmother written in 1988 on plain paper witnessed by two people in which it is mentioned that house belongs to elder son and he has to pay his two brothers sum of Rs. 5000/ each. Will this be considered?

    Kindly help with your valuable suggestions.
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    Re : Gifted Property dispute

    Same query has been posted in some other thread.
    Multiple queries in different threads may be avoided.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?