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Urgent Advice Needed on Expiration of POA


Urgent Advice Needed on Expiration of POA

Last updated: May 10 2014
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  • Urgent Advice Needed on Expiration of POA


    I have recently bought a house with HDFC providing the home loan.
    I am a NRI based in SA and had given my mother in India a POA to act on my behalf. This was submitted to HDFC in Nov 2013

    I now need to avail of the loan from the bank, however, they came back to me saying that the Power of Attorney has expired and that I would need to go through this process again.

    As per my understanding (and I may be completely wrong), the POA does not expire till either of the party's death or revocation of the POA.

    In fact to quote from an old post on the IREF forum - "Be aware that there are no expire dates on the power of attorney and also be aware the power of attorney is live until the date of registration (the owner can cancel the power at any time, even a day before your registration)"

    Am I missing something here?
Have any questions or thoughts about this?