I have a plot at Sriperumpudur.. there BSNL wants to put tower in our plot so they approached us they told us that they will pay rent around Rs. 10,000 per month for 15 yrs.... Now i like to know what all precautionary methods had to be taken from our side.... wht all points had to be taken into consideration...... plz help me out in this regard as early as possible..... :bab (38):
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  • If you are interested in letting out your plot to BSNL in such case they will have a lease deed executed with u. The precaution which u can take is to carefully understand the terms and conditions of the lease deed. If they suit you then you may go ahead with the deal
  • Bsnl tower

    I am assuming that this is an agricultural land and you may not be living around that land.

    You need to understand what kind of Tower is that going to be. I think you also have to find out if there are any local regulations or permissions to be taken. I am sure BSNL would be getting all of it.

    If you live on the same land then you should consider asking BSNL what would be the EMISSION of MAGNETIC RADIATION (EMR) from the tower. THIS is important these days. I hope you have read about DELHI's Radiation scandal on TEHELKA. Please be aware of the risks involved with the Cell towers. There is no conclusive evidence of the radiation but there are signs enough which shows there is rise in radiation with the rise in cell towers.

    If I was you I would ask the BSNL to conduct annual EMR tests to check if the radiation is within the permissible level i.e.650mw/msq. I would not allow any high frequence equipment on the tower if there is population around it. I went out to scout land to buy and liked a 2acre plot but there is a bsnl tower adjoining. I have reservations about it now. Please make sure BSNL takes the responsibilities and keep it safe for everyone around.

    Hope this helps.