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Vaastu impacts real estate market


Vaastu impacts real estate market

Last updated: October 22 2007
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  • Vaastu impacts real estate market

    The elements of Vaastu have come to play a role in the real estate market.

    Property dealers and developers in Delhi say people are concerned with Vaastu factor while buying a property. Looking for Vaastu conforming properties, positioning things within the house according to the directions specified by Vaastu, are trends that are fast catching up. It is no more surprising to see builders advertising that their buildings have been designed according to Vaastu.

    Over the years, there has been a clear cut demand for Vaastu compliant properties but earlier people did not have many options. Because of this change in the dynamics on account of Delhi Metro which has lead to extension of city, the Vaastu compliant property prices in the areas which got connected by Metro Rail have more than doubled in the last two years.

    Are Real Estate developers now forced to follow Vaastu while designing their structures? Many of my clients have agreed that Vaastu was significant to impact their house purchase. "In a place like Delhi, Vaastu impacts demand significantly. Buildings and plots that don’t conform to Vaastu command a lower price", says O P Bhalla a city realtor. Those who make an investment in property are concerned about the return on investment and they believe that Vaastu compliant property can fetch them at least 20% more from the non-Vaastu compliant one.

    Before buying a property the following points about the surroundings of the property should be kept in mind.

    -- The property which you are planning to buy should not face the hills or high rise structures and towers. Buying this kind of property will slow down the progress in your life. However, if the property is facing north direction and these structures are on south then that is good and auspicious and gives protection to the house.
    -- Sources of water like rivers, canals, lakes or ponds with clean, active and unpolluted water on north or north-east direction of the property creates beneficial energy. It is always better to buy the house with these surroundings but a property with same water sources on south, southeast or southwest directions should be completely avoided.
    -- One should avoid buying a property facing ‘T’ shaped roads as it affects the energy balance of the building and the health of the inmates negatively.
    -- Avoid buying a north facing property with flyover in the front as it makes the inhabitants suffer financially and mentally in the long run.
    -- Avoid purchasing a property where corners of neighboring building are shooting at the house that you plan to own.
    -- One should avoid buying a small building between two giant buildings as the small house will always sense threatened by the taller buildings. This kind of property hampers the progress of the inhabitants and castes misfortunes.
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    Re : Vaastu impacts real estate market

    good article from financial times

    its true that vaastu is playing an important role in decesion making. house is one of the most prized possession of everyone so before buying property and spending their life time saving people definetly want to buy vaastu compliant properties.
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