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Deeper Down The Ground


Deeper Down The Ground

Last updated: July 27 2007
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  • Deeper Down The Ground

    Selection of site for a building is very important. Ancient works on vaastu emphasize upon the quality of soil as one of the fundamental factors while selecting land for construction.

    Vaastu advocates construction on a land with high soil density so that it can bear the full weight of structure. Site should be highest at South-West corner and lowest at North-East corner. South-East should be lower than South-West and higher than North-West. This ensures that the life caring rays of the rising sun reach the plot in abundance.

    One of the methods of testing the ground is to make a 2 ft deep and wide pit in ground and fill it by the scooped out mud. If the mud remains in excess after filling the pit then it is indicative of prosperity. If it’s just enough to to fill the pit to the level of ground it indicates no-profit-no-loss. However, if the mud falls short in filling the pit, such that a portion of it (the pit) remains unfilled it suggests loss.

    Water may also be used to fill the pit before stuffing it with soil. After filling the pit with water, walk 400 steps and come back.

    If on your return the volume of water remains unaltered the land is best, if it’s slight less the land is good but if the water level falls considerably the land is unsuitable as per vaastu tenets. Land’s condition can also be tested by other simple techniques like ploughing the soil whereby animal remains, like bone and hair point to the unsuitability of land. Presence of vermin and termite makes the soil hollow thus rendering it unsuitable.
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