Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui the Chinese form of 'art of placement' recommends making the first impression upon entering your home a warm and welcoming one.

In the modern days, Feng Shui is used in homes, restaurants, banks etc as it is believed to bring luck and prosperity. Made more popular with the commercialisation of the art, Feng Shui has become a household name now.

Share your Feng Shui tips...... and bring luck to your home and business.
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  • interesting.....


    Feng shui has been commercialised in the modern days. Though they are largely available in the markets nowadays, very few people I hope buy things or place them in the house according to the science.

    I believe this discussion will definitely enlighten people like me and many others to bring luck and prosperity to their homes and life.

    Looking forward to some interesting tips.......
  • Tips: when spikes can bring fortune....

    Tips: when spikes can bring fortune....

    Cactus and Bamboo plants symbolise good fortune, thus making them ideal for placement in the home office, study or wealth area.

    As these plants are grown in very harsh conditions any sharp leaved plants are good Feng Shui in this area as they are believed to deter harmful influences.
  • Tips - neutralise disagreements

    Tips - neutralise disagreements

    Did U know disagreements can be 'cooked' in the kitchen? ;)

    Feng Shui tips for your Kitchen
    Do not place refrigerator, washing machine, washbasin and toilet opposite your stove in the kitchen.The kitchen sink represents water and your stove represents fire.

    Feng Shui believes that fire and water crash can cause family members to have disagreements.