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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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  • Vaastu Shastra Tips

    Vaastu Shastra - Tips

    Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
    Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

    Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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    Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

    Interesting link.....

    Interesting link.....

    Vaastu has become an inseparable part of real estate in the present times. I'd like share with you all a basic tip which was suggested by my Vaastu expert.

    Vaastu strongly denounces the use of paintings or other objects of art which depicts war backgrounds, tragedies or any negative aspects of life.


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      Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

      The science of direction...

      Let me acquaint you with some useful Vaastu tips to bring good luck to your home sweet home.

      Kitchen is undoubtedly a vital part of any home. According to Vaastu, the kitchen should ideally be located in the South-East, the direction of God of Fire. If that looks a bit difficult, you can also move your kitchen in the North-West.

      A bedroom located in the North direction would lead to unrest in the family. It should always be in the South. Indeed, direction of your bed also matters a lot. Try to place your bed in such a way that your head is towards the south. Also, beware not to sleep with your legs towards the south.

      And, the East direction is considered to the best one for the bathroom.

      Hope you all like the tips……


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        Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

        Home Colours According To The Vaastu

        Home Colours According To The Vaastu

        Colours according to Vaastu Shastra play a vital role in bringing balance to our minds as well as bodies and to stimulate our energy. Therefore colours in one home should be coordinated with the colours of respective planets and elements associated with different directions. This will help in enhancing the energy flow around every individual in the house. Here are some guidelines on particular colours, which will help you to choose the right Vaastu colours for every room.

        Red: The colour red represents power and bravery. It is the most dramatic, emotional and active colour comparing to other two primary colours blue and yellow. It is known for evoking a seductive atmosphere of passion and desire. With its versatile effect it enlivens the interior space by creating excitement, warmth and elegance. It should not be used in bedrooms because of its energizing quality, although some red can be used to enhance sensuality. It can also be exhausting or overpowering and stressful for those who are anxious.

        Orange: This colour inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect. It encourages happy, joyful and social gatherings.
        An orange coloured dining room will help to stimulate good appetite. So, if you want to enhance parties, communication, positive feelings and cheerfulness in your daily living, paint your dining room or living room in orange. Peach can also be used as it gives a cool effect.

        Green: This colour represents nature. Green helps in bringing a harmonious atmosphere that generates calm and inner peace with an energizing quality within the house.
        It brings balanced harmony, quick healing and rejuvenation to a room. It can be used as a calming place for people who are disturbed or in need of refreshment. Today most of the hospitals use it because of its quick healing aspects. It can also be used in study room as it enhances intelligence.

        Yellow: Yellow colour nurtures mental alertness and clarity of mind. It represents sunlight. Remember, if a room gets direct sunlight; do not paint the walls with yellow or peach.
        Choose its placement with care, as it is bright and very energizing. However this colour inspires intellectual clarity, comprehensible associations, articulate thinking and joyful energy. For prayer room, yellow or sandal wall colours are just perfect. It is a recommended colour for the logical left side of the brain. It is intellectually beneficial and you might use it with yellow accents instead of painting each wall yellow.

        Blue: This colour represents Sky. It gives a sense of space and expansion that relaxes body and mind.
        It can be used for bedrooms or meditation rooms because of its calming and spiritual energy. It enhances meditative quality and it is believed that blue acts like a colour therapy to reduce blood pressure.

        Purple: It helps in reflecting positive reflections and stimulates meditation. This rich colour inspires faith, intuition and trust. It is very protective, spiritual and comforting. Never paint an entire room in purple as it could be overpowering. However an additional light violet colour can provide a very healing and calming atmosphere.

        White: White is an elegant colour and works fine anywhere when combined with accent colours. It has an uplifting and cleansing aspect, however too much white can reflect a sterile and isolating quality.

        White ceilings are widely suggested by most of the scholars as they reflect light and brighten the room. A room in Northwest direction representing the room should use white and other bright colours like blue and green. Avoid grey and black colours specifically.


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          Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

          According vasstu the main door of the home is towards North direction because north side has "KUBER" means money.


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            Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

            Feng Shui or Vastu

            According to one of the feng shui experts blue color is taboo in the bedroom because it represents water and cools off love.

            Which would you believe Feng Shui or Vaastu?


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              Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

              I read it somewhere that passive or neutral colors make good choice for bedroom. Muted greens, blues, and purples, and neutrals like tan and gray, all seem conducive to a sleeping environment.

              But if those colors don't appeal to you, you may try muted versions of your favorite colors and stick to just a few colors in the room.


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                Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                Vastu Principles cannot be generalised

                As we say, one person's food is another's poison

                Vastu tennets cannot be generalised and be applicable to everyone in the same measure
                Generally, doors facing south are considered inauspcious
                Does that mean all apartments/bungalows or residential units in a city, whose door faces south are not good for its resident and should not be occupied ??

                One important point that is being missed by the members here is vastu is person specific too. SO what may be good for one person cannot be extended to another person as suiting his premises.

                When getting a vastu compliance done, it certainly helps in getting the changes done to suit the person who is the head of the family. Its important to use his date of birth and place of birth to arrive at the vatu suggested solutions

                No house or bungalow can be termed as 100% vastu compliant
                What vastu tries and achieve is make these places worth living for the occupants with minimum obstacles.

                But beware of doing structural changes just because your vastu guy suggests it. Learn about the implications on the health of the building, before you leap to tear down the walls or shift your kitchen to where the bedroom was there. Besides being illegal, such alterations can invite penal action too.

                So look and then go forward.


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                  Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                  Vastu Tip

                  There should be no shoes or slippers lying scattered around the main door of the house. Allow the space at the main door to be free and clear. The energy that rides with the wind will be corrupted with the dirt and smell of shoes and slippers and while entering your house will cause losses.


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                    Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips


                    Vaastu for an independent house is ok to some extent as ever little detail is within our control. But how about vaastu for apartments? When a builder buils 300 units and in each floor atleast 10 units are built, in this case, how to look for vaastu in each unit? Can someone shed some thought on this issue? I plan to buy an apartment in a building of 90 units and I actually picked a unit that faces south, but can't figure out about all vaastu tips given here.. The builder aslo told me that its just impossible to have vaastu compliance 100% for a huge project like this..
                    Please shed some ideas on the above.



                    • sunita3329
                      sunita3329 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      It is not only about affordability that most of us settle for apartments. Private homes come along with manifold responsibilities. The security, for example, is entirely your responsibility which is not the case with apartments. While there are many benefits of opting for apartments, it becomes highly impossible to enure whether a project is constructed keeping in mind rules laid down Vastu unless, of course, the builder constructs a Vastu-complaint home. In cases where you are not sure till what extent rules have been followed, it would be more about removing the defects.
                  Have any questions or thoughts about this?