Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • Originally Posted by zimzee
    Can anyone please review as per vaastu if the layout confirms.

    There seems some deviation in angle, however even if we don't consider this for the time being, the entire SW of the house is cut. Absence of SW means person without limbs. One can never stand on their own feet & shall remain unstable in all fields. Growth too doesn't take place.

    Apart from this, other issues are toilet in North, wrong entrance, M.bed in NE.
    However, the issue of SW mentioned first is grave enough to reject this flat outright.
    Scout for better. All the best.
  • Originally Posted by 310382
    Can anyone please review attached plans as per vaastu, waiting for the earliest reply.

    You have posted 3 plans :-

    > Ground floor plan :-
    Kitchen in N-NE, major cut in SW enough to reject it.

    > Vastu.pdf floor plan :-
    South facing entrance is not such a major issue as having 2 toilets in North are.
    The flat number selected by you is 106 which isn't good.

    > Typical floor plan :-

    Here all flats in building are mentioned.
    Among all, there is only one flat which is good, & that is flat 103.
    Good entrance & the location of rooms, toilets are also good.

    Infact, this is one of the best floor plans I have seen in recent times.

    Yes, I agree that this flat is tad smaller than what you have selected (106) by 40 sq ft odd but the floor plan is so good that its worth let go this additional area.

    To conclude, avoid buying the flat you have shortlisted :- 106 & buy flat 103 (North facing).

    Originally Posted by 310382
    Also I would like to know whether balconies should be considered while calculating North east corner or not?

    Irrespective of direction, the balconies/terrace should be considered while calculating the directions & area falling in them.
  • Originally Posted by nileshkrishn
    HI Realacres and others .Kindly provide your input on the Vaastu of these two flats.

    > In floor plan 1 :-

    Major cut in North alongwith toilet in brahmasthan. The entrance too is in SE, East facing.
    These 2 things take toll more on health followed by finances.
    Not recommended.

    > Floor plan 2 :-

    Again same as above. Toilet in Brahmasthan is very risky.
    So this too is not recommended.

    Man, always ensure NE-Brahmasthan/Centre/SW axis is free from any Vastudosha.
    If all or either of these is badly affected, drop the property, irrespective of anything.

    So, scout for better. All the best.
  • Originally Posted by nkm2793
    Dear RA,
    I have selected two flats ,out of which I have to purchase one flat.Both flats are identical and are side by side.Please compare both the flats and advise which one is good.Dear RA Sir,I have immense faith in You,Please advise should I go for it or not,Thanks in advanse

    Floor plan 1 (SE entrance, East facing) :-

    > It has major cut & toilet in NE. Entrance too is not good.
    There are some other issues too, but this NE problem is grave enough to reject this flat.

    Floor plan 2 (NE entrance, West facing) :-

    > Major cuts in NE & SW.
    Again these 2 issues are enough to reject this flat as well.
    Apart from this, M.bed in SE leads to bad marital relationship, NW kitchen burns out opportunities. The kitchen platform is North & South facing, which is added serious thing apart from the location & no chance to make it East or West facing since both sides are for entrance/door.

    So, don't buy this flat either.

    To conclude :- Both the flats above aren't great as per Vaastu & better avoid them & search for better ones. All the best.
  • Originally Posted by investwest
    Would like to know everyone's input on below floor plan as per vaastu, usability and so on..

    One major thing :- Major cut or almost absence of NE couple with toilet here alongwith SW cut/absence makes this one of the worst flats as per Vaastushastra. And we aren't even considering the poor location of kitchen, bedrooms, bath/toi etc. This flat is like a body without head & limbs.

    This flat is so bad, that one shouldn't buy even if it is being offered for free.
  • Originally Posted by nkm2793
    Dear RA,
    I have decided to purchase the attached flat.Please give your suggestions that should I go for it or not.Please reply soon,its very urgent for me,


    The most critical problem in this floor plan is the location of kitchen, which mostly falls in Brahmasthan & rest in North quadrant. Having kitchen here can have adverse effects on health of the occupants. This is not at all desirable. Since Brahmasthan too is a sacred area, it alongwith NE is also one of the most sensitive place. Any problems here, be it kitchen, toilet/bath, staircase etc. is not at all good. The energy within the house too gets suppressed due to this. Apart from this, entire NW is missing so is a major cut in East on account of a duct protruding inside the flat (why architects design such way ? ).
    Overall, not a good flat to buy & better to look for other options.
    All the best.
  • Geopathic Stress detection

    Originally Posted by ameetwalia
    Thank u Dear RA,

    Was trying to send you a PM...........but u have exceeded your PM limit

    Sorry for this, loads of pms came in & the pm capacity too has drastically been reduced after I was made Veteran member from Hon mod.

    Pls. quide me through as to how can I get GS test done?

    Kind Regards,

    First of all, is there any vegetarian member in your house ?? Believe it or not, but these people have better receptivity to minor field changes compared to omnivorous.

    Coming back to GS or geopathic stress testing, the best way is to use a Lecher antenna. Actually, this name is derived from Ernst Lecher who invented this antenna to study various fields & more so GS. However, this is bit expensive & not that worth for couple of uses.

    Other cost effective option is to have dowsing rod which is L shaped (its also called L rod). It comes in pair & one needs to place them in their hands, 1 inch above the thumb. Then walk barefooted on the floor without lifting the feet. You simply have to slide the feet one after another so that at any given point, the contact is not lost with the floor. The rods will remain straight if everything is normal. The place where GS is there, they will start moving & if GS is extremely high, they will simply cross each other.

    I know a case in Pune when a family built a house & at a particular place the person used to fall off from the bed on 1st floor. Here GS was very high. Finally, the dug up the the area below it & found a dead body of a woman buried few years back.

    In most cases though, it is a matter of fault lines or water streams flowing below which lead to GS which has very bad effect on the occupants.

    This is image of high GS where the rods are in cross :-

    Infact, more than 85% of people who died from Cancer had GS effect on them. More on GS here :-

    Geopathic Stress Symptoms & Solutions

    The L rods available in market are expensive. What I would simply suggest is to take 2 copper coat hangers, make them in L shape & use them. Simple & cost effective way.

    And yes, all this works on radiations, static electricity etc.

    One good video how one can find under-ground water is here :-

    Very good video.

    And friends, all this is pure science. I don't know why still some people consider Vaastushastra as superstitious ??

    Anyways, hope you all found this info useful. So use them at your home & find the stress lines. I will give simple solution to this problem once you do this exercise.
    All the best.
  • Thanks RA,

    Will revert back after doing the test

  • HI !

    RA Sir, long time no see.

    Sir, I have sold off my old place, as per your suggestion. Now I have a plot which is 10' x 55', Which I intend to make ground + one floor.

    There is a Mango tree in front of the house slightly off centre towards North. The tree veers outside my house after 2 to 3 feet.

    I intend to live on the first floor.

    Please help me plan it. M. Bedroom will come in end of the plot.

    1. Where should I put the kitchen ? I know the best place in SE, but here it comes right in front. Which is the second best place for it ?

    2. Where should I put my Toilets ? Where should I put my Water Tank ? I want to put a bathtub in the bathroom, Can I ? Where should that be ?

    3. Where should I put my stairs ??? Should it be starting from South and twist and end up in the North on the first floor ?

    The problem is that its tooooo narrow. Each part is of 3' by 18'.

    Please, Help me.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • Jazz,

    Which software did you use to draw this? Nicely done!!

    I am trying to do the house layout in excel...but somehow I cant upload that file here.
  • Originally Posted by VedKapoor

    Which software did you use to draw this? Nicely done!!

    I am trying to do the house layout in excel...but somehow I cant upload that file here.



    This can be done in excel.
  • Thanks RA,
    I am really greatful to u for all the inputs you have provided to me.Thankssssssssssssss again,

    Now,i have chosen one more flat ,please advise ,should I go for it
  • Originally Posted by Jazzbydabay
    HI !

    RA Sir, long time no see.
    Sir, I have sold off my old place, as per your suggestion.

    Good & thanks for trusting me man. :)

    Now I have a plot which is 10' x 55', Which I intend to make ground + one floor.

    First of all, there is huge difference when it comes to plot & flat in terms of readings.
    The flat calculations can be done sitting anywhere & one can tell whether it is good or not, but when it comes to plot, unless physical inspection is done, one can't give any judgement as to whether the plot is good or not.

    Plot doesn't just involve directions but even slopes, type of soil, plants around, presence of bad things like anthill, thorny tress etc. alongwith land & water tests.

    However, in your case things are simple. Reason :- The dimensions itself are enough to avoid building here.

    As per Vaastushastra, the golden ratio of the Length x Breadth of the plot is
    1 : 1.618

    However the max permissible ratio is 1:2.

    Your plot is 10x55, which makes the ratio as 1:5.5

    Man, this is more like a road !!

    With this ratio, there won't be any proper division of the areas within the plot. A single room or even bathroom will occupy atleast 2 houses !!

    And this issue is not just with the plot but even the construction on it will be of similar ratio, which again is bad.

    The problem is that its tooooo narrow. Each part is of 3' by 18'.

    Please, Help me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    My friend, you already know the issue. And frankly, there is no solution to this in current format. You need to purchase plot towards North, that too if your current land & adjoining one is good as per Vaastu.

    Therefore, I would request you to forget about this house completely. Infact, it would be better to sell off this plot as well.
    Now I am sure some may think that RA has gone nuts, asking everyone to sell this & that. :D But if this is the only solution to the problem, can't help otherwise either.

    * PS:- While buying adjoining plots, ensure to buy one towards North or East of the existing plot & not the plot towards West & South.
  • Originally Posted by nkm2793
    Thanks RA,
    I am really greatful to u for all the inputs you have provided to me.Thankssssssssssssss again,

    Now,i have chosen one more flat ,please advise ,should I go for it

    In this floor plan, only the kitchen platform towards North comes in NE part but very minor so not an issue, more importantly since North platform shouldn't be used for cooking in any case. Other is just wall of west toi/bath in Brahmasthan but this too isn't serious.

    Overall, if you see this is a good floor plan but the issue of contention is the attached bath/toi of m.bed which lies in exact SW corner. Even if there had been terrace here, it would have been fine as simple remedies can be used but toilet/bath is more tedious. Also there is a significant cut in South.

    Till date, whatever plans you have posted, this is better of the lot, but I can't give a go ahead with full confidence like I did to one member yesterday.

    It will be good if you can find similar floor plan without the bath/toi in SW.

    Always remember :-

    No kitchen, bath/toilet & cut in NE-Brahmasthan-SW.

    All the best.
  • Thanks RA,

    You are a real genius, Thanks a lot for all your help.
    I have chosen one more flat but not sure should I go for it or not ,please advise