Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • urgent..pls help with this flat vastu

    Pls let me know if this flat's vastu is correct. We areplanning to take it. In the attahed plan, B1 is main entrance which is north east. We are little bit worried about balconies attached to bedrooms, particularly the one attached to master (southwest) bedroom.

    There are no common walls with other flats. The flat is in 6 floor (total 7 floors).

  • Originally Posted by realacres
    Few things needed to be done to reduce the vaastu doshas in the flat :-

    > Place a 4x4 inches silver swastika above the entrance door frame from outside,

    > A sphatik stone in kitchen placed in glass bowl & besides it place some mud in earthen bowl. No need to change either of these, just on regular basis clean the sphatik stone,

    > Raw sea salt/samudri namak in all bath/toi in a bowl & change it after every 15 days,

    > The m.bed is in NW. The bedroom needs to be pure white in colour & place the bed in such a way that the head is towards the South,

    > Place black tourmaline stone in living room. It can be kept even on a shelf. Ensure you keep it clean.

    > Place a pooja ghar in NE bedroom in NE corner of it. This will help to make the house lot more positive. You can also have study room alongwith it.

    Thanks a ton for your time and providing valuable inputs. Much appreciated.
  • sreeram22, my thoughts

    Flat's layout looks good.

    Balcony at SW is not a very big open space, so is acceptable.

    One small suggestion, as per layout n my understanding, gas stove is placed such that while cooking, a person will face south. Pls change it, so that person will face east.
  • Originally Posted by sreeram22
    Pls let me know if this flat's vastu is correct. We areplanning to take it. In the attahed plan, B1 is main entrance which is north east. We are little bit worried about balconies attached to bedrooms, particularly the one attached to master (southwest) bedroom.

    There are no common walls with other flats. The flat is in 6 floor (total 7 floors).


    It is better to mark the actual direction of North on the image to get a better idea... It also helps to ascertain if your house is in sub-direction or not.
  • SonalSugndha,

    The flat is in sub-direction & hence not good. It is not recommended at all as per Vaastu norms.


    Agree to the post above. North should have been clearly marked.

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  • Many says the apartment is not vastu complaint. I want to know the remedy

    Plz see attached image. This floorplan highlighted is of an apartment that is rejected as vastu non complaint. Would like to know why and what r the remedies for the same.

    please dont suggest to make bedroom and kitchen and vice versa.
  • This Vastushastra is as bogus as most other Indian 'scienses'
  • Originally Posted by kaumochan
    On Vastu Index - 6.7 / 10

    Excellent: above 8
    Good: 8 - 6
    Average: 6 - 4
    Poor: below 4

    Can you explain how did you arrive at the given Vaastu index. If there is a software for this, pl do let us know
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  • Hello all,
    Request your help as its urgent. We are planning to take an East facing flat and attached is the plan. Entrance is around 55-75 degrees northeast and not exactly 90 degrees east, when checked with phone compass. The flat has an open corridor on the east side which extends till the lift on south east end. Puja is in north east extension.

    Am also planning to have a grill door where the corridor ends on south side of entrance corridor. Please let me know if there is any dosha south east/North east or anything else.
  • Dear RA,
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  • Thanks a lots - all this information is very useful.
    But when you buy a property - you looks at price (Budget), Location (commute for all), amenities.
    After looking at all - we sign deal and check Vaastu & then find all sorts of problems.
    You don't have any money left to fix Vaastu, non changing things works & then it create more problem.
    You already paying a good amount of your salary as EMI, in hope that someday loan will be zero.
    My final conclusion is its for High Class or Higher Middle Class people.

    Sorry to all its my personnal optional & my real life experience.
  • Originally Posted by Expresso
    Let me acquaint you with some useful Vaastu tips to bring good luck to your home sweet home.

    Kitchen is undoubtedly a vital part of any home. According to Vaastu, the kitchen should ideally be located in the South-East, the direction of God of Fire. If that looks a bit difficult, you can also move your kitchen in the North-West.

    A bedroom located in the North direction would lead to unrest in the family. It should always be in the South. Indeed, direction of your bed also matters a lot. Try to place your bed in such a way that your head is towards the south. Also, beware not to sleep with your legs towards the south.

    And, the East direction is considered to the best one for the bathroom.

    Hope you all like the tips……

    East is never a good direction for bathroom .North west is always most preffered direction and south east is the second most preffred .Bathroom must not be in north east corner of house.
  • Hi RA,

    We have been living in this house in UK for a year now and would like to do any changes needed to make it vaastu compliant.

    The house is north east facing with porch as the main entrance of the house (so porch is north east facing.) . Attaching the plan. We are presently using the bedroom with attched bathroom as the master bedroom (the one on south east wall). Could you please let us know what changes to make and where to move the rooms around to make it vaastu compliant. Thanks.