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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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    Originally posted by rabrakha View Post
    Dear Realacres,
    Im planning to shift to my house in next couple of months after identifying good Mahaurat followed by puja at new premises, therefore before that I would appreciate if you could give your opinion on lay out of my flat which is attached for your ready reference. Your valuable input along with some remedies , if required, shall be of great help to me
    Looking forward to your early response & Thank you in anticipation.
    The major issue is of entrance in SW & bad locations of toilets & kitchen. As you have already purchased, kindly do the following but note that these remedies will only help reduce the ill-effects to some extent & not remove them completely.

    > Have the main entrance door in dark brown color,

    > A swastika made in copper measuring 4x4 inches should be placed above the door frame from outside the entrance door,

    > Have some picture of mountain (without water element) on South wall of living, which falls in SW,

    > The furniture here should be should be in shades of brown &/or maroon color,

    > In the terrace attached to living room, have some plants having white colored flowers,

    > The North bath/toi should be used for bathing only,

    > The toi attached to bedroom in SE should be sparingly used,

    > Place rose crystal quartz in SE part of this SE bedroom,

    > In kitchen, while cooking face towards east. Make changes in the platform & in worst case if not possible, then face cooking west,

    > Use pastel green color in kitchen, be it tiles color or furniture,

    > Have a tulsi plant in the NE part of the East terrace which you have attached to the bedroom,

    > The store in NE bedroom should be used as dresser & not for wardrobe. This bedroom should be used only for kids & no married or adult should sleep here.

    This should be fine to begin with. Let me know if you have more queries.
    If you are happy, you are successful.


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      Originally posted by vinst1 View Post
      Dear RA,

      I (as a buyer) have come across a 3BHK (7-8 years old) flat # 215 with floor plan attached showing north facing entrance.
      Its location in the Key plan of the building is shown in gop_RP plan p02.jpg file. I hope that from this, assessments about 'cuts' could be made (that's all my poor learning about vastu as of day).

      Can you please give your opinion about this flat.

      There is major cut coupled with toilet in NE & other toilet in NE-N. This is fatal & should be avoided at all costs. Never buy such house even if it is offered for free.
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      If you are happy, you are successful.


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        Originally posted by amarsuku View Post
        Hello Realacres,

        My family has recently moved to a new house and we are just starting to furnish. I was hoping you could give us some tips for decorating the house to counteract anything bad. I have attached the pictures of the floor plan.

        The living room, dining room and the hallway have wooden floor. The kitchen, Wc and bathroom have tile and every other room is carpet.

        Also the 1st bedroom and child's bedroom has a slope as shown in the pictures. Is this anything bad? Thank you so much in advance.

        You mentioned only South-East at one part of the house. It will be recommended that you post the directions with the help of compass & show the North direction precisely alongwith deviations, if any.

        Apart from this, there is one single bed which is kept below the roof which is slant. Remove this bed as one should never sleep below such ceilings. Ensure that while sleeping, the ceiling should be flat. The head should be towards South.
        Also, don't use the bath/WC at SE.

        Please give directions for further analysis of floor plan.
        If you are happy, you are successful.


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          Originally posted by Sagar111 View Post
          Hi Realacres,

          I have purchased the below flat B314 and will be moving in next 6 months. I would appreciate your valuable opinion on the layout of my flat. The main entrance is in North and the tilt is about 7-8 deg when measured with compass.
          7-8 degs doesn't matter, no issues. Entrance is also good. Ensure that the door is cream, white or yellowish is color. You can also have 'Toran' of the same colour for the entrance door.

          I have one bedroom in NE, Master bedroom in SW and kitchen in the SE. I am planning to do some modification in Kitchen so that the cooking gas will be in east direction.

          Since my Son is 6 years old, I am planning to use NE bedroom as pujaroom and as a study room only.
          Very good. Proceed.
          And yes, place pooja ghar in such a way that you face East while praying & this has to be in NE part of this NE room.

          The study table should be placed in such a way that you face North while studying.
          Second option is East but North is preferred.

          My major concern is the cut in the NW and request you give some remedial measures for the same.

          Frankly, the layout of the flat is indeed good on several aspects, so you need not fear about NW. Simply paint the entire West wall of living room in white (even if paint entire living room in white, it will be good). Place some white flowers (artificial will also do) in a vase in living room anywhere between West to North wall.

          To enhance the energies here, place indoor water fountain in living room on North or East Wall & also place a 'Haldi' (turmeric) maala in living room.

          Lastly, the terrace in the South should not be left open. Place some plants in earthen pots here.

          And rest as usual :- Bed should be placed in such a way that it head should face South, raw sea salt in bathroom & should be replaced every 15 days. And if possible, use East bathroom only for bathing & WC should be ideally best not be used though it can be used in emergencies or by guests.

          This should suffice. Let me know if you have further queries.
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            Originally posted by HurryHome View Post
            Hello RealAcres Sir,

            I am a silent follower of this forum. I admire your knowledge of Vaastu Shastra and would like to have your advice.
            I have attached the floor plan of a flat which I am planning to buy. I will request to check the map of the flat and please let me know how vaastu compliant this flat is. The flat is a frontside builder floor flat. The front area shown in blue colour is the road. The area marked as other flat is the backside flat which is built on remaining area of the plot.

            I will really be thankful if you can reply.
            There are major defects in this flat :-

            > Major cut in NE,

            > Kitchen in NE,

            > Toilet in North.

            Though locations of bedrooms are fine, the above issues are critical & hence this flat should not be purchased.
            If you are happy, you are successful.


            • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

              Originally posted by Sat234 View Post
              Hello RealAcres,

              >> Though what you have said is true, Vaastu compliant flats are also built in cities like Chennai & Hyderabad where buyer demand for such flats is very high.

              Thats the problem. I hardly see any vastu compliant flats here in Pune.
              Because the buyers here don't demand it from builder. People are more focussed on specs, amenities, swimming pools, Italian flooring, home automation, private elevators etc. but no one bothers about Vaastu. Even if 25-30% buyers demand flats as per Vaastu, builders will build them as they are doing in South India.

              >> Does property of water, fire, air, earth or sky changes as per geography ? Does water gives different result to your body when in US or in India ?

              No, not at all.
              Exactly, hence Vaastushastra is applicable across the planet.

              >> Does sunrises in North in Southern hemisphere ? Or does gravitational force or magnetic energy changes from North-South to East-West elsewhere ?

              No. But sun rises from east and moves to west, in the southerly direction (in northern hemisphere, due to earth's tilt). Now, in southern hemisphere, the sun would appear to be on the northerly direction. In fact, beyond the tropics, the sun would always appear to move from east to west in the southern horizon (north hemisphere).
              Even in India, we have Uttarayan & Dakshinayan. Similar things happens here, but what doesn't changes is the direction of sunrise & sunset, which then affects the properties of rays in terms of infrared & UV radiations for respective directions.

              WRT magnetic fields, the field is much stronger nearer the poles (e.g. australia, scandinavian nations). Gravitational fields is stronger as you move towards the poles (due to earths bulge at the equator). Different locations on earth have different wind flow directions.
              Though some difference is there, properties remain the same.
              Eg. If you place a pendulum clock at Mount Everest & other one at the base of it, there will be time difference of few mins after several decades as it difference in gravitational force affects the pendulum but again this is extremely minor.

              And as far as wind is concerned, what we look at property of wind or rather oxygen content than anything else. Having well ventilated spaces with open areas in centre help the air channelling to flow better which is helpful for health.

              Hope this clears most of the confusion.

              I am attaching floor plans for one I am interested in.

              I have rotated plan 1 so that north is pointing up. I fail to understand why these builders mark North on the map anywhere else. The convention is - North points up!! Any map in the world is made that way, including google maps.

              The ones marked in orange square are the ones I am targeting.

              Even if they are not fully compliant, please let me know which one is better, and how to mitigate the effects. My own analysis says first one is somewhat better.
              Some builders don't even mention directions at all on their floor plan.
              And even if we forget Vaastu for time being, even practically it is difficult for buyer to get clear idea as to which rooms will get sunrise or areas which are going in duct etc.

              In few cases, I have observed that the directions in floor plan & that on site varies by as much as 30-40 degrees .

              So, even if one short lists a flat, ensure you have good compass & you take the directions by physically going to site.

              Coming to your flat of interest, the orange one means flat 108/the one at bottom left, right ?
              If so, then it has major cut in NE (look at lift ducts) alongwith Kitchen in North.
              Cut in NE is like headless body & hence this flat should be avoided.
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              • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                Originally posted by Sat234 View Post
                Just another quick thought.. reply when you have time after responding to members queries here.

                More of my theories about Vaastu.
                The magnetic north of the earth is offset by a few degrees from the real north pole. That is why only a few degrees offset from actual north south alignment are allowed in Vastu.

                Life on earth has evolved under the effect of the earth's magnetic field and also protected by it (solar ionic radiation is deflected by the magnetic field, often causing auroras at the poles). So my assumption is that the magnetic field of earth is required by the body. Even when you walk, there is current generated in the body due to earth's magnetic field, even though it might be less than a microvolt.
                Yes, its all science. We do have electricity, remember that stick, wool & wood scraps from pencil we did in school ?

                Most importantly, the max component of out body is blood & liquid. Blood contain haemoglobin which is nothing but iron. Iron is impacted by magnetic fields & hence the directions more critical. While sleeping, when we say have head towards South, it just ensures that your body is aligned properly with magnetic forces of Earth & blood flow towards the brain is better, which results is sound sleep & relaxation to brain.

                Man, I still don't know why people think Vaastushastra as some superstitious stuff, when it's science which is in its name itself :- Vaastu (place of dwelling) + Shastra (science).

                Today's problem is too many commercial chaps have emerged who use this wonderful science purely for commercial purpose & sell third class pyramids & stuff like that which are of no use & is waste of money.
                Nothing can beat nature, no matter even if you place 1 million pyramids here & there.
                If you are happy, you are successful.


                • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                  Originally posted by Shrivio View Post
                  This website is incredible. I found it 3 days ago and have read posts over several years. Great stuff. Thank you to everyone who helps, esp RealAcres whose knowledge is mind boggling.

                  I am attaching a high-level plan for a house we are considering. Everything seems okay, but the garage is on the NE corner. It is part of the building (so there is no NE cut, in fact, the garage ensures that the NE protrudes out). Not sure this can be moved. Is there anything to be done? Is this okay? Is it a big deal if everything else is okay?

                  RA, please share your thoughts. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
                  Request you to upload the layout plan of the project. Only garage in NE is not major issue.
                  We need to location of house, septic tank, if any; under-ground water tank, location of bore-well, & also the internal floor plan of the house.

                  Kindly give these details so that precise analysis can be carried out.
                  If you are happy, you are successful.


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                    Originally posted by homhunt View Post
                    Hi RealAcres,

                    I like one house and society but before i take a final call, I thought let me take an expert advice for vastu, please find an attached layout which I draw myself.might not look professional but gives you an idea. Please share your thought freely, I am yet to close the deal. Eagerly waiting for an expert comments.
                    There is major cut & more importantly a bath/toilet in NE alongwith kitchen in N-NE.
                    These 2 issues lead to severe downfall in life, be it health, wealth, career, academics etc.
                    As NE is the one which is badly affected, there is no remedies for it either & hence it will best to avoid it.
                    If you are happy, you are successful.


                    • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                      Originally posted by bharatjadhav View Post
                      Hi RA,

                      Thanks for your Valuable Advise, I will definately perform the vaastupooja & then Move in..

                      Thanks & God Bless you for your Movement in Helping people & creating Awareness about our Strong Principles of Vastu Shastra & Its Goodness to Mankind !!
                      Thanks for the kind words man. And if possible, do spread the word about Vaastushastra amongst your friends, relatives etc. Even if 1 person listens, you have helped him/her a lot.

                      Btw, my apologies to other members here. I was stuck in some work & personal issues, so couldn't reply in time.
                      If you are happy, you are successful.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?