Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • Dear RA,

    Please update on the vastu aspects of my house. Please share the vastu dosh and its care, if any.

  • Solution for Devindrashah

    Dear Devindrashah & rest of the members here, first & foremost my apologies for not replying to your queries soon. Traveled a lot & after coming back, I was ill for almost a week.......drastic change in weather. Will reply to all your queries one by one.

    This one is for Devindrashah:-


    > No issues with NE, Brahmasthan/Centre & SW,
    > M.Bed in SW (I hope this is your m.bed, adjoining dining area). If not, make this m.bed ASAP,
    > Dining is in good location,
    > No issues with living either.


    > Bath/toi in NE part of house, attached to NE bedroom,
    > Kitchen in NW,
    > One bedroom in SE.


    > The NE bath/toi is the most worrisome aspect. It is best if you completely stop the use of the bathroom altogether. Clean it well, keep sea salt in bathroom (change it every 15 days) & stop using it. This will help get rid of some or the other health probs in family & finances will start looking good again.

    > As your children are small, they can use NE bedroom but under no circumstances, they should use SE one. This NE room is good for study purpose & puja purpose. Ensure your children face North or East while studying & they should have wall behind their back.

    > Have a puja room here in NE corner of this room. Ensure that a small wooden partition is used so as to separate this area from bedroom. Put the pooja ghar in such a way that while praying, you face east. The pooja room should be of teak wood or marble only.

    > The East bath/toi which is attached bathroom for SE bedroom should be used only as bathroom & not as toilet. Toilet use should be only if unavoidable. Ensure that you keep sea salt here as well & replace it every 15 days.

    > Have a silver swastika (4x4 inches) with teak wood as support installed on entrance door from outside. Till then, make some auspicious symbols like swastika, shree etc. drawn on your door with red kumkum. Have a red colored 'Toran' on your door from outside as well. Don't put ganesha or other god's picture outside above the door. Remember, behind Ganesha's back lies poverty, misery etc. Hence, put Ganesha's photo above the door from inside. The ganesha should be in seated position.

    > The SW bedroom is excellent. Location of wardrobe, door etc. is fantastic. Ensure that the bed is also placed just as shown in the floor plan, with head towards head. Don't have mirror in bedroom in which you see your reflection while sleeping on bed. Similarly, don't have TV/PC in bedroom either as they act as mirrors. If you have one, ensure that you put some cloth on it before going to sleep.

    > Keep money, valuables in SW corner of the bedroom. The door should ideally open facing towards North.

    > While having food, sit in such a way that you face North or East. Ideally, head of family should sit facing North.

    > In kitchen, have pastel green color. You can have tiles, wall or modular kitchen color in this pastel green color. Either of these in pastel green should suffice, no need to paint entire kitchen pastel green.

    > Put 'sphatik' (quartz crystal in English) in kitchen. This stone + color as mentioned above will remove issues due to kitchen in NW to considerable extent. The sink position as shown in floor plan on North side is correct. While cooking though, the stove/hob should be on east platform.

    > In case of the terrace in SE, have red rose plant there & put red/maroon color tiles, paint in that part. If you have some chairs, buy those in red color. Bottom line is red color element has to be present in that area, this area being that if fire/agni.

    > Put sea salt in all bathrooms/toilets & change it every 15 days. This salt can be kept either in earthen bowl or glass bowl.

    > Chandan/sandalwood agarbatti/incense sticks should be used daily in your house. Will help purify things.

    Devindra, doing the above will yield positive results & you will experience change within 8-11 days from doing what has been mentioned above. I will be giving more tips, which will be universal though, applicable for all once I finish answering to the queries of other members here.

    I suggest you start with NE bathroom issue first, followed by entrance door & kitchen & pooja room. I am here to help in this case. Let me know your feedback once you complete doing these things.

    * PS:- Sea salt here means the raw/unrefined salt (costs 4-5/kg). Please don't use our cooking salt/Tata salt in bathrooms.

    God Bless.


  • vastu help needed

    Hi Realacres/Vastu Experts,

    You are doing a great job by helping people like us understand the vastu and make decisions.

    We have recently booked a flat. The flat is located in south west corner of apartment. I have attached the layout. Main entrance is in east side towards north east. Kitchen is in north west.

    a) Could you please check the vastu of flat and let us know your valuable suggestions.

    b) In bedrooms which direction is good for constructing lofts and cup boards so that we can arrange cot within available space.

    c) what is the location of Brahmasthanm in the flat.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Originally Posted by Designer

    Dear RA,

    Thank you for your reply.

    This time I superimpose my unit plan over tower layout plan in CAD with given north direction and the picture is little bit different. My entrance is 12 degree towards east of North Line as shown in my attachment i.e deviation angle is 12 degree from north towards east.

    Kindly provide me your valuable inputs and rectification measures for doshas present in unit plan because I purchased this apartment for end use only…

    Thanks and Regards

    Dear RA

    Still waiting for your reply:bab (41):

    Thanks and Regards
  • Thank you so much.
  • Your Advice for Office Space on Rent

    Dear RA, attached is the layout of an office space that we plan to take on rent. Kindly provide your valuable inputs.
  • Hello RA..

    I'm planning to buy 2BHK whose floorplan with North direction is attached. Please confirm whether vastu is ok for this flat?

  • Tips for designer

    Originally Posted by Designer

    Dear RA,

    Thank you for your reply.

    This time I superimpose my unit plan over tower layout plan in CAD with given north direction and the picture is little bit different. My entrance is 12 degree towards east of North Line as shown in my attachment i.e deviation angle is 12 degree from north towards east.

    Kindly provide me your valuable inputs and rectification measures for doshas present in unit plan because I purchased this apartment for end use only…

    Thanks and Regards

    The floor plan is here :-

    Based on the floor plan, here are some things you need to do -

    > Kitchen in NE is not good. Have light yellow & pastel green color in kitchen. It can be paint, mod kitchen or tiles, furniture laminate etc. Place a quartz crystal stone (sphatik) in kitchen. Ensure to face east while cooking. This needs to be done even if the platform size is smaller than that in North.

    > The North bathroom attached to bedroom in NW should not be used or at max only for bath & not as toilet under any circumstances. And as said before, place raw sea salt in this bathroom & change it every 15 days. Use exhaust fan as well.

    > In the living room, have the curtains in dark-red, maroon color. In the attached terrace have flowers of red color like red rose or red hibiscus. Buy the pots for the same of earthen red color.

    > As there is a cut in North, you need to put a full size mirror to reduce its ill-effect on northern wall. You can do this by placing this mirror in NE corner of NW bedroom. This will serve 2 purposes-

    a.) A proper mirror will be placed to reduce the impact of North cut,
    b.) It will be in correct place in bedroom as well for dressing area. So, it becomes a solution which can be used practically on daily basis :).

    > All the beds should be aligned in such a way that your head is at South direction. It has to be exactly the opposite to what has been shown in NW bedroom.

    > All the mirrors should be in NE part on North wall. Ensure that bed is not seen from the mirror. If unavoidable, put cloth on the mirror before going to sleep at night.

    > The M.bed has come in SW, which is very good. I don't know the color of tiles used in m.bath, but as it occupies the corner of SW, you need to have brown color here. It can be tiles. If not, atleast use brown napkin/towel in the bathroom for your daily use.

    > Entrance in NE, North facing is one of the best entrance one can have. Very good. Paint the lobby in white-golden color. It can be done either by using texture paint or wallpapers. Place a water fountain in the lobby & change the water of it after 2 days. Run the fountain for atleast 1 hr in morning & evening. Better if it is done at the time of pooja/time when you lit lamp in front of god. Till then, you can have water in a glass bowl. Put plastic flowers in it for decoration purpose & change the water daily or on alternate days.

    > Don't have shoe stand in the lobby in NE. Put it in terrace attached to the living. I know it is not that convenient but many people did that & are feeling good. NE is direction of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, hence don't impure it by shoe rack. There are foldable slim, wall mountable shoe racks available in the market for around 3-4k which can hold about 12-15 pairs. Use that one. If possible buy it in red/dark red color as it will be located in the terrace located in SE.

    > I don't know about your family, but here is the take -

    If you are having a college going daughter, give her the NW bedroom; if not make it guest room.
    The south bedroom needs to be given to your parents or son.

    > The terrace/balcony attached to m.bed & the south bedroom need to be made heavy. Either you can place furniture here or put pots, plants etc. Ensure that these are not kept completely vacant.

    Hope this helps.

    ** PS:- Will reply to other members' Vastu query soon.
  • Avoid buying this flat.

    Originally Posted by eabhshe
    Hello RA..

    I'm planning to buy 2BHK whose floorplan with North direction is attached. Please confirm whether vastu is ok for this flat?


    Replying to your query faster than rest coz it is simple & takes not more than 4 lines :) -

    1.) Entrance of the flat is SE, east facing which is very bad. Opportunities will burn even before they reach you,

    2.) NE is cut. It is just like headless body. Don't buy even if given free.

    3.) Common bathroom occupies part of brahmasthan, which is again bad.

    Conclusion :-

    Drop this flat as it is not good & faults are too large to have remedial solutions (point 2 & 3 above).
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  • Dear RA,

    Sure, please take your time while replying.

    Happy Holi to all the members/readers.

  • pka_fbd,

    Happy holi to you & all the members here :).
    Will reply to you soon.

    In case of unit 12, though NE is open, the entrance will be SW section, be it south or west facing, entrance in SW is most hopeless entrance for the property.

    Also, there is a toilet in North-NE in unit 12 which again is very bad.

    Not a single bedroom is in proper place, except for the NW one. Lack of bedroom in SW or South for the owner is not at all good.

    Hence, in totality if you see, unit 12 is not good.

    Unit 01 on other hand is far better than 12 except for the location of kitchen.

    Btw, are there 12 flats/floor ?? If so, send me the entire layout for the floor so that we will be able to pick the best amongst these.
  • Tips for pka_fbd

    Originally Posted by pka_fbd
    Dear RA,

    Please update on the vastu aspects of my house. Please share the vastu dosh and its care, if any.


    Pros -

    > Entrance is properly located in NW-W on West wall,
    > Terrace in NE,
    > One bedroom in South,
    > One bedroom without bath/toi in NE. Good for pooja/study room.
    > Servant room at NW is also OK.
    > Attach toi of servant room is also good.

    Cons & its solutions -

    > M. Bedroom in SE is very bad for couples. Will lead to unnecessary dispute.
    As you have an option of bedroom in South, better you shift here.
    In the meantime, get the curtains of this SE bedroom in red/maroon color.

    > Kitchen in NW is like fire + air, which is not good as intensity of fire increases. This may lead to breathing probs/issues. So, have pure white color in kitchen. Cook facing east. Use 'sphatik' stone in the kitchen.

    > Bath/toi in North-NE (near dining). It is best not to use it. In case of emergency use it only as bathroom & NOT toilet. As said, use raw sea salt here which needs to be replaced every 15 days.

    > As far as possible, avoid using the bath/toi attached to the SE bedroom.

    > Plant a tulsi plant in the NE terrace. This will negate several Vastu-doshas in the house. Remember to lit incense stick, in front of tulsi twice a day.
    Keep this terrace as light & open as possible.

    > Make your pooja room in NE corner of NE bedroom. Sit in such a way that while performing pooja, you face east. This room can also double up as study room.

    > The living is in SW. Ensure that the furniture in living is as heavy as possible. This area needs to be the most heaviest in the house.

    > Make the terrace attached to the living as much heavy as possible by using some furniture, pots & plants etc.

    > Max color use in living room needs to be brown in color, including the curtains.

    > You can even have a picture/mural of mountain (without water) in the living room on either south or west wall in SW part of living room.

    > If possible, make the entrance door in light brown color. Make some auspicious signs like Swastika on it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Tips for Mahesh

    Dear Mahesh,

    First & foremost, thanks for dividing the floor plan in 9 parts in proper way :). Though now I can simply visualize, I still do it to be more sure. In a way, its good that you have learnt lot of things about Vastushastra which I can pick up from the points you mentioned below. Very good.
    Here are my replies :-

    Originally Posted by maheshnale
    Hi Realacres/Vastu Experts,
    Please guide me regarding Vastu for the attached flat layout.
    The flat is on 8th Floor and the adjacent flat(Towards North Side) is a refuge flat. Is that a problem (i.e having refuge flat on North side).
    I have already booked it.

    There is no issue at all in such case. No need to worry. Also note that in case of flats, the first priority is for the space inside the flat & not outside. The space outside the flat needs to be considered only when you are building on your own land. Eg. Bungalow, villa etc.

    After going through all your posts i understood the following wrt the attached flat Layout.

    Problem Areas are:-
    - Small Cuts in NE and SW corners - Is that Ok? Any remedy for this.

    Though cut is there, it is not big. The remedies are :-

    > For NE cut, place a mirror on Northern wall of NE bedroom. Please note though that if NE is completely cut or has a major cut, then there are no solutions for the same.

    > For SW cut, in the planter, place a palm tree with brown color earthen pots. The entire furniture in m.bed in SW needs to be in combinations of various shades of brown.

    - Small Bedroom falls behind the entrance - Is that OK/not ok.....Any Remedy for this

    It is absolutely OK. Need not do any remedies for this.

    - Bramhasthan have Beam, Wardrobe and Refrigerator. Is it Fine?

    > It is not good but in case of flat, you can't remove the beam. Hence, ensure to have a sharp white color light by use of chandelier/jhoomar or some hanging ceiling fixture over here & use it in evenings.

    > If possible, best to shift the refrigerator elsewhere, preferably towards the utility terrace of the kitchen.

    > Wardrobe is OK, but don't have loft in the bedroom here. Keep this wardrobe as light as possible, i.e. don't stuff heavy things in it. All heavy/big wardrobes can be done towards the terrace of this bedroom which falls in south direction.

    - Can the small room on East side be used as Study Room/ Children's Room/Guest BR and Puja room according to requirement?

    Yes. Pooja in NE corner of the room, sit facing east while doing pooja.
    The bed should be in SW part of the room.
    As the mirror as mentioned above will come in front of bed, cover it with some cloth at night.

    - What should be the location of Shoe Rack - At the Flat Entrance, Outside the House and Which corner?

    Shoe rack can be inside or outside the house depending upon the entrance door location. However, universal rule is that shoe rack should not be adjoining the door outside & from inside, it should not be the first thing which you will see after entering the house.

    In your case, the entrance is NE, the most auspicious direction of the house. It is recommended not to have shoe rack here. Hence, better have the shoe rack in the terrace attached to the living.

    * PS:- Ideal place for shoe rack is NW-West.

    - Toilets on North side - Any remedy

    Good that you are finding faults on your own !! Appreciate it.
    Remedies are :-

    For toilet use the one which falls more towards NW, i.e. the attached toilet with the bedroom. The North toilet should not be used at all. At best, only for bathing purpose.

    Use raw sea salt in both the toilets & replace it after 15 days (this is universal tip). Using exhaust fan, ensure the air remains fresh. As far as possible, use white color in the bathroom.

    Is Vastu for Individual room is important or Flat is IMP.

    For example - Take Small Bedroom ( Which Lies behind Enterance and we are planning to make it as Puja Room/Childrens Bedroom-Study Room/ Guest Room as per need). Now for this single room should we consider N,E,S and W sides. i.e Puja corner in NE of this room. Bed in SW of this room etc.
    The small room entrance is NW. If we modify it and shift to SW is that ok.( to swap the position of Dinning/Sitting arrangement in Living)

    Vastu for flat is important. The furniture layout for rooms is in our hands, hence can be changed at any time but structure can't.

    Also, for entrance of rooms, it is better to have them in auspicious directions, but remember that location of entrance door is more important that location of individual room doors.

    The reply for pooja, bed etc. is already given above. Just ensure to have some wooden partition near the pooja room to bifurcate it from the bedroom. This partition can be even of 4-5 ft in height.

    As far as shifting of door is concerned of small room from NW to SW, it is OK. No major issues with that.

    Also planning to put a common Wash Basin in NW portion of Living Terrace.

    It is better not to do this as it falls in SE part of house, represented by Agni.
    Placing water at the place of fire is not recommended.

    Washing Machine on NW Portion of Dry Balocny.

    Ok. No probs.

    Regarding Godrej Kapat (Valuables) in which room it should be placed, Master Bedroom/Parents Bedroom ( Sandwiched between Kitchen and MBR)

    It has to be placed in SW corner of the flat. Hence, it will be located in the m.bedroom in SW corner, facing North.

    I have attached Tenatative Layout for Bed and other item locations.
    Please comment on it

    The furniture layout of the bedroom is good. No changes required.

    If you find any other problems please mention it with remedies.

    > Part of the kitchen falls in brahmasthan. Ensure that the cooking top is located in SE corner of the kitchen, cook facing east. This will ensure absence of agni in brahmasthan & location of cooking top/hob will be in perfect location within the kitchen.

    > The terrace attached to the bedroom needs to be made more heavier compared to the one attached to the living room.

    Also please give some remedies for above mentioned problems.

    Given above itself. Besides those, lit chandan incense stick daily & play chanting mantras daily in the house. You can have Ganesh poojan as well.
    Put a 'toran' on the main entrance door of yellow color. Use auspicious symbols on the entrance door.

    Also please mention the good points about the Layout.

    > Entrance door,
    > Small bedroom being used for pooja room,
    > Location of both the bedrooms,
    > Location of living room.

    Please Guide.

    Hope this cleared your doubts.

    * PS:- Will reply to other members here soon.
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