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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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  • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

    Originally posted by anuj2703
    Hi RA,

    Thanks for your reply, Sir have a look at the attached layout. toi is in NW (more towards North side), is toi too bad too?

    Master bed is in SW, which i thinnk is good....

    I tried bloody so hard to find a place to live (rent or buy) which is good as per vastu, but I am not finding any, thats why I am ok to have a second bed as Master bed and change the kitchen layout. If u still think it is still not a good, I will not buy it.

    Hi Anuj,

    If you divide the house in 9 equal parts, you will see that Toi is in North + several cuts all across since this house is in sub-direction.
    The m.bed does fall in SW side, but it is again in sub-direction, which gives problem of 'Vidisha'.

    The placements here simply aren't enough because the entire house is in sub-direction & there is no remedy to negate the ill-effects of 'Vidisha Dosha'.

    Hence, it is better not to buy this flat, with or without modifications.
    Scout for better.
    All the best.
    If you are happy, you are successful.


    • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

      Originally posted by vinst1 View Post
      Dear RA,

      Could you please look at the attached picture of a flat and give your opinion on the two possible locations of the pooja cabinet placement (A and B). In both cases, the worshipper would be facing East while performing pooja. Pooja cabinet is denoted by Aum symbol.

      If both A and B are not acceptable, could you please suggest an alternative.

      First of all, thanks for thinking about pooja room. Appreciate it.
      The floor plan too, is very good as per Vaastushastra.

      Ideal location for pooja ghar is in NE, which is position A.

      Please do the following :-

      > Place the pooja ghar on floor, around 1 feet above the floor by using wooden platform,

      > Create a small partition, be it wood, glass or both between this pooja ghar & living room.

      Any guest or anyone outside your family should not have direct access to pooja room, nor shall it be visible publicly.

      ** PS :- The partition need not be full floor to ceiling one but height should be such that it should not be visible.
      If you are happy, you are successful.


      • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

        Originally posted by ameetwalia View Post
        Dear RA,
        Hope everything is fine at your end
        I, had one doubt in mind
        Pls. help me clear the same
        My father had bought a flat in 2012
        We never resided in this flat but have given the same on rent
        It’s a south facing flat
        As you mentioned in earlier posts that even if you don’t reside in the flat still the owner face effects of the same
        Image attached for your kind reference
        Pls. let me know how is the flat as per vaastu and also remedies
        We don’t intend to shift in the flat and will be either vacant or on rent
        Hello Ameet,

        Good to see you back.
        In the floor plan given by you, the most critical directions have major issues :-

        > NE is cut, which means this is a headless body > Very high risk,
        > Entrance is South facing, in SW which is the worst direction for any type of entrance.

        Remedies (though not enough to negate the impact) :-

        > Place 'Tusli' plant in North balcony but if it's enclosed, then this is of no use. So place a full size mirror on East wall in NE corner of M.bed (need to hide it with curtain at night if someone sleeps on bed here) or place full size mirror on North wall in NE corner of bedroom in East.

        > A copper swastika of 4x4 inches be placed above entrance door (above the frame on wall) from outside.

        > A big poster of mountain (without water) on South wall of living room,

        > Rudraksha mala each in living room as well as m.bed.

        Having said this, ideal thing would be to do the mentioned remedies & then put the flat for sale. Since, this is for investment purpose only, if you are making money, exit. This will be best possible option.

        The remedies above will not only help you sale flat faster but will be useful for even the person who purchases it, as long as s/he maintains it in the house.

        To conclude, ideal solution is to sell it off. The impact on your father (good or bad) continues as long as its in your father's name. It's easier for you to sell since its not your primary residence either.
        If you are happy, you are successful.


        • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

          Originally posted by guyinnoida View Post
          Dear RA,

          Further to your advice, have been looking for options. Please look at the attached layout and let me know your views..

          Thanks for your help,
          Location of entrance is indeed good but most critical part :- NE has major cut.
          As mentioned in above post, this is like a headless body & hence it is not recommended.
          Apart from this, half the kitchen fall in brahmasthan. Other issues like bath/toi in SE, servant room in NE also don't make things look good.

          Flat also happens to be Suryavedhi (length from East to West is more) which is not good. Ideally, one should look at Chandravedhi flat (length from North to South is more, which means max surface is on East & West). Having said that, this is not very critical compared to NE - Brahmasthan - SW directions.

          To conclude, due to cut in NE & half area of kitchen in brahmasthan, & other issues mentioned above, it is better not to buy this flat.
          Scout for better, all the best.
          If you are happy, you are successful.


          • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

            Originally posted by santdas54 View Post
            Dear RA,
            Pl tell me what is the second option for cooking platform in a kitchen?
            It is West facing, first being East facing for kitchen platform.
            Having said this, it is also important to see the placement of the kitchen.
            Eg. If kitchen is located in NE of house, then no matter whether you cook East or West facing, it will be harmful since location of kitchen itself is wrong.
            However, if kitchen is in positive or neutral direction, second option for platform is West.
            If you are happy, you are successful.


            • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

              Originally posted by ameetwalia View Post
              *Dear Kindly ignore the earlier Image as there is deviation of 38 degree in true North....resending the image with exact North Marked with arrow for your kind reference

              Also sending Image of compass taken from inside of the flat
              38 degrees in the angle of deviation. This flat has 'Vidisha' dosha.

              Solution :- Sell it off ASAP.

              * PS:- Please don't do any remedies mentioned in my earlier post except for Swastika on entrance door & rudraksha malas in the room as this 38 degrees wasn't mentioned.
              If you are happy, you are successful.


              • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                Originally posted by murugahari View Post
                Dear All

                Please suggest Vastu

                Major flaws :-

                > Entrance is South facing at centre of south,
                > Toi in North,
                > M.bed in NE-E,
                > Kitchen in NW.

                Overall, the layout isn't good & hence not good to buy.
                If you are happy, you are successful.


                • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                  Originally posted by nkm2793 View Post
                  Dear RA,

                  Its very difficult to find vastu compliant house nowadays.I am searching it from last six months but still not found who is fully vastu compliant.Somehow,I have short-listed two floor plans but still not confident that should I go for it or not,Pl advise
                  Yes, its true that finding a good Vaastu compliant house is difficult but its worth the wait than to buy & regret later. I too have experienced the difficulties in finding Vaastu complaint flats, especially in West & North India, thanks to builders who are unlike their Southern counterpart.

                  Coming to your floor plan 1, these are the issues :-

                  > Around 30% of kitchen in brahmasthan,
                  > Half the common bath/toi in brahmasthan,
                  > Almost entire absence of NW & SE areas.

                  Entrance, location of bedrooms is good but overall, this is not a good flat as per Vaastu norms especially due to brahmasthan issues & major cuts & hence better to avoid it.

                  For floor plan 2 :-

                  > NW is almost absent due to big cut,
                  > Significant cut in SW and SE,
                  > About 30% cut in North,
                  > Both the bath/toi are partially in brahmasthan.
                  > Overall, except for NE, all rest have major cuts, SE, SW & NW. This is certainly not a balanced flat & with issues with brahmasthan, things don't look good either.

                  As incase above, entrance, drawing room & balcony are well placed but due to imbalance for reasons mentioned, it is not advisable to buy this flat either.

                  To conclude, scout for something better, you are getting closer.
                  If you are happy, you are successful.


                  • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                    Originally posted by hegdeshailu View Post
                    Dear please let me know the vaastu compliance of my new flat. Just under construction and they said full flats are vaastu compliance.
                    There is toilet in NE. This is a head-less body.
                    This one reason is enough to reject this flat.
                    Wonder how builders claim it to be vaastu complaint.

                    Don't buy even if builder offers for free.
                    If you are happy, you are successful.


                    • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                      Originally posted by guru1001 View Post
                      Hi RA, in the time my quest for Vasstu compliant residence continues, i wanted your valuable inputs and remedies for the current flat where i'm residing on rent. I understand it has some flaws like vidisha dosh, toilet in North etc. If possible, i wud like to understand any remedy which can lower the negativities in the house till i can move out of this place. Layout attached. Thanks.
                      > Place raw sea salt (samudri namak) in a bowl in all toi/bath & change it after 15 days,
                      > A rudraksha mala in NE-East of flat alongwith black tourmaline stone,
                      > A sphatik stone in kitchen. Ensure you buy this in day time & place it in day time.

                      But there is no solution for major cut in NE & SW. Hence, without wasting anytime further, move out of this house ASAP.
                      If you are happy, you are successful.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?