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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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    WSW entrance, SSW projection, More than 20 degrees tilting, wrong Bed room makes it non compliance vaastu.
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      Originally posted by DRK Reddy View Post
      What compass shows is north. I do not know what do you mean magnetic north and true north.
      asakmamis  why are you taking advice from an "expert " who doesn't know the difference between true north and magnetic north?


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        To reach North pole you need to follow True North. It is nothing to do with vastu. Bringing Fengsui / astrology and many other things into vastu, confusing ordinary people brings bad reputation to vastu subject. These are called Vastu Experts. It is upto individual belief to follow which ever is correct form of vastu.


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          Vastu tips for placing wall clocks:    - Vastu emphasises on placing a clock on the east, the west or the north side walls of the house. - Ensure the clocks are in working condition and reflect the right time. - Remove or replace broken or dysfunctional clocks as it will attract negative energies. - Never hang the clock over a door or an entrance. They should not be placed outside the house.  - Place the clock on the north or east side wall if you sleep facing south. Keep it far from the bed to avoid troubles in relationships. 


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            With these Vastu tips for wealth and prosperity, you can align your home into a more positive place and rejuvenate your life.

            Welcome positive energy

            According to Vaastu Shastra, every nook and corner of the home harbours positive and negative energies that influence the health and the wealth of its inhabitants. For instance, the main door of the property in India should be unobstructed and properly connected to the rest of the apartment in any residential project in India. This is because it is the main entry point for the positive energy into the home.

            Aligning rooms by functionality

            The dining room should be a placid area for the people to have food; it should be substantially away from the main entrance as well as the toilets as it may deteriorate one’s healthy stomach. Apart from the dining room, the kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the home, the gas stove plays a great role for one’s fortune, make sure it is placed at a distance from the washbasin and should be kept clean and in proper working condition.

            Improperly constructed toilets can considerably lead to draining of one’s wealth. Vaastu suggests, and statistics confirm, that we spend almost one-third of our life in our bedroom. For enhanced prosperity, the bedroom should have only one entrance, the bed should not be in contact with the walls and its ceiling should not be inclined.

            Keep contrivances away

            Domestic contrivances like mops and brooms are used for cleaning or removing dirt, and should be kept away from one’s field of vision, as this will prevent the family’s livelihood from scrubbing off. Moreover, make sure that the taps in the home do not dribble as this creates a negative influence that may lead to the leakage of one’s wealth.

            Maintain a clean and organised desk

            Remember, a clear desk enhances clear thinking, creativity and monetary energy. This Vastu Shastra tip for wealth and prosperity also suggests that all the clocks in the house should also be in proper working condition else, this may lead to finance stagnation.

            Proper ventilation attracts positivity

            Allow fresh air to come into your bedroom for at least 20 minutes daily so that you sleep in a blooming environment. Moreover, ensure that the bed should be at a distance of at least one foot from the ground.

            Have proper arrangements instead of scattering things

            Do not swab your home towards the main entrance and always keep the dustbins covered as this may lead to fragmentary finance. Moreover, avoid scattering shoes and slippers at the main door of the home, instead keep the main entrance clean and tidy.

            Make best use of southwest

            One of the useful Vastu Shastra tips for wealth is to utilise the southwest corner of your home for placing the money safe.

            Ensure smooth drainage

            Ensure that the drains outflow waste water properly without any kind of blockage. This Vastu tip for money suggests this may summon blocked finances. Avoid constructing the toilets just above the main door of the home in order to ensure uninterrupted flow of energy throughout the apartment. Moreover, don’t place dirty dishes in the sink, clean them as soon as possible since dirty dishes remaining in the sink for a long time indicates incompleteness and disorganization in terms of finance.


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              What could be the perfect gift for you loved ones this Diwali?

              The tradition of exchanging gifts during festivals such as Diwali is a representation of expressing love, good wishes and appreciation towards our family and friends. Nowadays, people are looking beyond traditional gifts such as sweets or decoratives. However, since gifting is an art, selecting the perfect gift for your dear ones can be tough. Vastu also lays restrictions on some gift items, which could be sources of negative energies.

              Here is a quick guide when selecting gifts for your friends and family:

              - Gifting silver items or idol of Lord Ganesha is considered lucky for both the giver and receiver.

              - Diyas and fragrant candles are excellent gift options as they bring peace and prosperity in the household. Bamboo is associated with good luck; gifting bamboo stalks or plants is auspicious.

              - Gifting aquariums, water bottles or small fountains will pass good luck from the giver to the receiver. Since these products contain water element, it is important to know the right Vastu directions to ensure positivity.

              - Avoid gifting items with sharp corners such as scissors or knives. Similarly, do not gift things used for personal hygiene, say, handkerchiefs, socks and towels, as it can affect relationships.

              - Wrapping gifts in bright coloured sheets such as gold or red is regarded auspicious. Do not wrap gifts in old, torn or used papers.


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