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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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    Originally posted by lanmai View Post
    Hello RA,

    Many many thanks for all the articles , educating us on the real vastu science.
    I am confused on the different school of thoughts of some vastu pandits.
    I have consulted two different pandits on a flat that i am willing to take. Got two different opinions on the same....

    Advance thanks for your inputs.
    Hello Mahesh

    Is it the same borewell road where BMdevelopers has another gated community up for pre launch. Coz i have booked a flat there. The booking was pretty impulse though.

    Coming to your vastu as per flat, yours is very good. I know this coz my flat has same vasthu as yours and i bugged almost every one who knows about vasthu. This includes vasthu pandits to noobs in vasthu.I was told that the area and shape of the plot for apartments plays only 10 to 15% of vasthu. Hence may be ignored provided the flat has got good vasthu.

    BTW do you have any idea about quality of the buildings the builder has already constructed?


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      Hello gursud,

      Thanks for your inputs

      yeah. It is the one on the bore well road that you mentioned. they have come up with glorietta as well in the same locality.

      I have read some reviews stating that the quality is not sooo great and many issues with car parking , but after very detailed analysis , inspection and research noticed that those reviews are from the same person and thought might be a fake review.

      The quality of construction : not sure or not yet enquired.
      I think he had completed some occupied projects in brookefield, near Ryan international school.Need to talk to the owners there.
      Will plan to go and talk this weekend if possible. If you got to know any details, please let me know.

      The booking was pretty impulse though: I did not get what exactly you meant by this phrase?


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        Dear RA, Thanks a ton for the answers.
        Pls let me know the meaning of "sub-direction".

        Also if you see the picture, I was planning to buy the flat in the blue building (which is the longest in pic) in the right hand corner. any views on that. thanks in advance.

        Originally posted by realacres View Post
        No, the shape of plot has to be square or rectangular & not odd shaped one.

        Yes, it will have impact on the building but the effect will be distributed on all the people staying there, hence as individual, the impact won't be high. However, it will impact greatly to the builder/developer though.

        If you are a buyer, don't worry. Just see to it that the flat which you are buying/renting is good one according to Vastu as your ownership shall be only for the flat. But as a builder, these things need to be done before layout is sanctioned. Now its too late.

        Btw, there are several buildings which are in sub-direction. Hence, best to avoid all the flats in those buildings.


        Have replied to your pm. Kindly confirm.

        And I hope I have answered to everyone here today. If anyone has any further queries, please feel to write in.




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          //The booking was pretty impulse though: I did not get what exactly you meant by this phrase?//

          It was an impulse buy with little bit of research.


          • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

            hello gursud,

            so have u booked in gloreita?


            • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

              Any update on the quality of construction of bm developers ? I talked to one of the owners of their sister co., sai purvi and the feedback is satisfactory


              • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                hello Gursud,
                Did you enquire the builders specifically about the duct, if at all your plan also have the same?Is it just a water pipeline or a sewage/septic pipe going through?


                • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                  Dear all,
                  My apologies for delayed response. Was a bit tight with work, will surely reply to all the answers.

                  BTW, sub-directions means when the flat is not facing exact, North, South, East or West. If the main entrance door faces like shown in the pic link below, it means it is in subdirection.

                  If you are happy, you are successful.


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                    Dear Experts,

                    I am planning to shift in my 1st own flat in the month of October (Dushara), The floor plan along with complete building plan is as follow.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Vastu Plan SRS.JPG
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                    Please suggest, is it ok as per Vastu?


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                      Originally posted by rakesh_sahu
                      Thanks RA. You are definitely of great help.
                      The entire society is not aligned to Disha's i.e. Vidisha dosh in almost all flats.

                      Just wanted to know few things:
                      1. What is the impact of these issues?
                      Our blood contains iron (haemoglobin) on which there is direct impact of the earth's gravitational force (it is a magnet, N-S). Whenever your house is aligned in improper direction or sub-direction, you don't remain parallel to NS axis. This leads to poor blood circulation in the body which is not good for health.

                      Apart from this, the house consists of various materials, including metals like steel/iron on which there is direct impact of magnetic forces. Because of poor alignment, the magnetic energy is not in linear form but get disturbed due to this electromagnetic field, which leads to irregular energy levels in the house, which had bad effect on human body.

                      Remember, in school we had done, positive & negative ions ??

                      Please read the following article, which will help you further -

                      Negative ions are exceedingly beneficial for a person's metabolism as a means of enhancing human behavior. They act in a complex mechanism to bring about hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain. It is impossible to get an overdose of negative ions, which act like pure water in washing away dirty poisons. Generally, the more negative ions you are exposed to, the better and more uplifted you feel. The limiting factor in ionic foot baths is the amperage, you always want over an extended time in a session to stay under 2.5 amps.

                      Positive ions, or the lack of negative ions, may cause serotonin hyperfunction syndrome or "irritation syndrome" and it involves sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremor and dizziness. The elderly become depressed, apathetic and extremely fatigued.


                      To have a balance, the structure needs to be properly aligned, not to forget that in sub-direction building, even you will be sleeping in sub-direction, which is bad.

                      2. Would these issues have same impact on the flat holders i.e. GF/FF/SF/TF etc....

                      Thanks a ton.
                      Yes, as the gravitational force will be there on all floors. Irrespective of floor, impact will be felt. The difference is there if the height difference is few thousand feet which is not the case even in case of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth !!

                      Please write in if you have further query.
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                      If you are happy, you are successful.


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