Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • RA - need your opinion please

    Attached is the modified plan with North marked on it. Yes, you are correct about the Main Door/Lobby facing North.

    Appreciate it if you can lend your comments at your earliest convenience as we are planning to provide the modification list to the builder next week.

    Moving pooja room to North East location(Patio area in the plan) is one of the vaastu changes that we are considering seriously. A very respected Vaastu person mentioned that having Pooja room in 3 x 3 Brahma Paada squares (Brahmasthanam) out of 81 squares is a very good thing although from everything that I read 3 x 3 Brahma paadas(squares) out of 81 squares should be preferably vacant but at a minimum the middle 1 x 1 square should be vacant if not all 3 x 3 squares.

    We are planning on making some vaastu specific modifications in the first floor. I would like to hear from you about the issues that you are seeing with first floor so that I can ensure that the issues you are seeing are in line with the changes we are planning to make.

    Thanks for your comments and appreciate it if you can lend your opinions at your earliest convenience.

    Originally Posted by realacres
    Seen the floor plan, but there are no directions mentioned. Ofcourse, based on what you mentioned in post, I got rough idea but it will be better if you can tag directions on the floor plan so that there won't be any space for any sort of miscalculations. Just let me know the North direction on floor plan, thats all what I need.

    Having said this, if the lobby on ground floor in at North, then ground floor is OK (just pooja room needs to be shifted, thats all & is minor) but there are multiple issues on first floor. Let me know North as said before, so that we can proceed.
  • Vaastu help for my apartment

    Hello Real Acres,

    I am new to the group. Would like help in knowing about Vaastu for apartment I live in. Can you please let me know how is my apartment as per vaastu principles? And if there is anything I could do make it satisfactory.

    Many thanks
  • Originally Posted by realacres
    Frankly, there is no option except for changing the direction of kitchen from SW to SE or East. The bedroom in NE should not be used by you, shift to SW-South-West.

    Ofcourse, there are somethings which can be done but it won't reduce the bad effect by even 10% in such cases, so best to change the house. You may feel it harsh, but if there is frankly no good remedial solutions for this. Shift & you will experience positive change.

    Thank you so much sir, I will have to see if the layout permits the changes suggested by you. I will have to retain this house for at least 3 yrs before I can change for a better orientation that complies with vastu requirements. I Donot propose to move in immediately and may have to rent it out. But I don't want any one to suffer. The problem is that high rise buildings don't permit any changes and there are so many apartments in same orientation. I don't know how will everybody take care of the problems. All the same, thanks once again.
  • Mr RA,

    I am a silent reader of your notes about the vastu. And i must say you are a great person who is doing this noble job for the people here in the forum.
    Today, i atlast am coming to you to know the vastu of my home, which am i going to construct. So please give your valuable advise.

    Plaese share Any changes i can do .
    New delhi
  • Hi Real,

    Please can you help me with your expert comments on the layout below?

    1. Cuts in NE and SW
    2. Washbasins on Bramhasthaan


    Thanks and Regards,
  • Where are you RA?
    Please Come in this forum and give thoughts about my House map.

  • Hello

    Hi Ra ,

    Can you please take a look at the attached floor plan and comment on its vastu compliance and suggest necessary changes ?

    Thanks very much !
  • Arre RA boss aa jao bhai ab. Eisi bhi kya narajagi hai.

  • 3bhk

    Hi RA,

    Can you please let me know if the following 3BHK plan is OK, It's from a highly reputed builder and we invested lot of money in this, and cannot revert ...please suggest some solutions if necessary (Tilt 15 to 20 degrees),

  • Hi RA,

    Sorry to trouble you again but couldn't resist myself from posting this floor plan.

    What I liked:
    1. Master Bed in Southwest
    2. Entrance in East
    3. Kitchen in South East
    4. Kids Bed in NorthWest
    5. Living and Dining in NorthEast

    1. Toilets in Bramhasthaan
    2. Guest Bedroom in South

    Do the good factors outweigh bramhasthaan issue? I know you have been repeatedly saying that any dosha in NE, Center and SW can not be cured. But was wondering, given everything else fits the bill, if there is anything that can be done about this issue or its a clear reject?

    Awaiting your expert comments.

  • Mr RA is not in a mood to comment on my MAP. Anyways, its time to move to a Vastu specialist. Bad luck

  • Dear RA,

    Could you please look at flat nos: 5 and 11 from vaastu point of view? thanks

    site plan (directions shown at lower right corner)

    flat 5

    Flat 11

    If the images appear small, tinypic website shows option to view full size.

  • Originally Posted by oldguyy
    Hello Ra ji,

    Can you please suggest the corrections of below flat if any.
    One correction i know is swapping of master bed room and children bed room.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    RA sir,

    any update
  • RA is underground now..i think
  • It's better to close this forum now. Start new one. No body here to talk and answer the queries