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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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    Some correction in my earlier post

    Hello RA sir,

    There is a correction in the understanding of floor plan(My mistake as I forgot to include this). Regarding the angle I will have to check with a compass but as per broucher it is NE centre.

    1: Entrance is from south east. My flat's floor plan is the mirror image (on Y axis) of the plan I have attached or you can say this floor plan is an exact match of my neighboring flat whose entrance door is exact opposite of mine.(Please refer to the rotated picture pasted at the end of post)

    Does this bring any changes in what you have already suggested?

    2: Cooking direction will be SE or NW. kitchen is already build by design as a parallel kitchen. Any suggestions for improvements.

    3: I have elliptical dining table. Is it Ok or should I change it.

    4 does M.bed
    stands for master bedroom?

    Thanks again!

    Originally posted by realacres View Post
    Thanks for your kind words. And you can call me just RA man, no need of Sir.

    Please check the angle as if angle deviation is more, it changes all the directions entirely & therefore the readings. The following readings are based taking into consideration that the deviation in angle is not more than 10 degrees.

    Good. Changes :-

    > See if door can be shifted more towards NE (currently it is in NW). It will good even if it can be shifted to North.

    > The kitchen platform should be made such that you face East while cooking. No point in having kitchen in East if you face North/South while cooking as seen on the floor plan.

    Pooja ghar should never be outside the house. Balcony, terrace, garden etc. are out of these 4 walls of house. Keep pooja ghar in NE part of the house (inside) in such a way that you face east while performing pooja.

    > The bedroom in SE-East should be painted pastel green. Place a rose quartz crystal here.

    > Plant red color rose, red hibiscus etc. in both the terraces attached to the bedrooms.

    > Keep the beds exactly as shown in the floor plan.

    > The m.bed should have furniture, curtains in brown & shades of brown color as much as possible,

    > The TV should be located on North wall of the living.

    > Have dining chairs arranged in such a way that one faces North, East while eating/drinking. West is also OK, but never face South while consuming food, water.

    > Have the dining table in square/rectangle shape only. Best to have it of wooden. Avoid glass as much as possible. You can ofcourse have glass on wooden base.

    > Curtain color of living room should cream, off-white or lemon;
    The child bedroom should be in maroon, reddish in color,
    M.bed should be brown in color.

    > Place tulsi plant in terrace attached to living room & lit lamp in front of it regularly alongwith incense stick. Keep this terrace as light as much as possible. Don't clutter & have least number of plants so as to avoid weight. In short, don't make this terrace heavy, this NE terrace has to be the lightest part of your entire house.

    > And yes, usage of raw sea salt (replace after 15 days) in bathroom is universal.

    * One major note :-

    Never use antique furniture, goods etc. Infact, even if you own a furniture which is more than 10 years old, replace it with new one.

    If you have further queries, please revert.
    God bless.
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      Originally posted by Target2021 View Post
      Thanks RA for make it clear. Also like to request you to make another clarity
      A. about the location of Red Dwaja hanging place and
      B. about the swastick making place by kumkum:
      1. On out side the main door "or" inside the main door?
      2. On the door or top of the door wall?
      Too much thanks RA for make it very clear and your reply.
      One day I will ask you vastu about my flat. But I don't know how I can attach the map over here.
      I am trying to do hope I will solve this.

      Many many thanks again.


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        Vastu Tips

        Originally posted by realacres View Post
        Since you have only booked, any chance of booking the flat which is diagonally opposite to this flat. If yes, please upload that flat floor plan. Can work out accordingly coz in this particular flat, the issues are major & best to stay in such flat.
        Since No Flat is available, I can not take any other flat.

        Pls highlight what are the problem, & any action we can take during construction & any solution with Vastushastra


        • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

          Originally posted by realacres View Post
          The main reason for the same is the toilet in NE of the house. If there is toilet in NE, North of house, it leads to financial probs & if exactly in NE, then the owner is doomed.

          The first thing which you need to do is to completely stop using the NE bath/toi.
          Place raw salt in a bowl there & change it every 15 days. Get exhaust fan installed & ensure that the air remains fresh. Keep the bathroom clean. Once this is done, major issue will be solved.

          The bathroom in SE (agni) needs to be used as less as possible. Have red color in your bathroom. This can be as simple as using red color buckets etc.

          In m.bedroom, have rose quartz in SE part of the bedroom. Sleep with head towards South & place bed in South of the bedroom.

          The color of drawing room needs to be pure white. Also, have a bright & sharp white color lighting done in the living.

          I think that one cooks facing towards North in the kitchen. If yes, immediately change the direction & start cooking facing East.

          Have a tulsi plant in the east terrace,

          Put a 7 mukhi rudrakha outside & above the main door. To conceal it, use a white color 'Toran' on main door.

          Install a 'Mangal Kalash' in the pooja ghar & pooja ghar needs to be in NE of the house.

          Put a nice picture of mountain in living room in SW part of the room. But ensure that there is no water shown in the picture though.

          The balcony attached to drawing room & which falls in SW of the house needs to be made as heavy as possible. Put as much earthen pots as possible here. You can have palm plants over here. Make this balcony as heavy as possible. If there is another balcony immediately above yours, its OK, if you have double height between the balconies, then close the balcony's roof. It can be simple cover of fibre or like those seen in garden restaurants.

          See to it that the furniture is placed in SW, South & West of each room & max open space is left in NE of every room,

          Put a full size mirror on the North wall of drawing room.

          Use lobaan dhoop atleast thrice a week.

          Once you do the things mentioned above, you will surely experience change. Please revert if you have further queries.
          God bless.
          Thank you so much RealAcres Sir for the reply. I will try to follow the advise given by you. Since this is a rented flat it will not be possible to make any changes.

          Please pardon my ignorance as I am asking you some very basic things.

          Is there any option other than to stop using the North Bathroom/Toilet. I stay with wife, a small daughter and my younger brother who is also working. It is bit difficult to use the other bathroom/toilet by everyone. Rest other solution can definitely be implemented.
          What is this raw salt and where can I get this. Is this the same as the normal salt which we use in food.

          What is rose quartz and where can I get this. We sleep with head towards south. The bed is in SW corner of the room because if we place the bed in the middle (South direction) there will be little space both the sides of the bed. Do you advise to shift to the middle or is it fine if it is at SW corner.

          The colour of the drawing room is light pink. It will not be possible for me to get it changed as this is a rented flat. We use white colour light CFL in the living. Is that fine or shall I use something else or increase the wattage of the CFL.

          We face East while cooking in the kitchen.

          We have the pooja ghar in the master bedroom on the west side just near the door. We can not have this in the NE room as this room is used by my brother and we perform pooja in our room.

          We have many pots in the SW balcony, but some of the pots are cemented ones. Is that fine or should we replace them with the earthen pots. There is no balcony above ours as we have the terrace above our floor.

          The furniture is mostly on the south or west except in the NE room. In the NE room the bed is in North direction and a table in the NE direction. We can not move the bed to the South or West side due to the orientation of the doors.

          We have TV in the North side of the drawing room and the TV stand occupies nearly all the space. Some space on the left side is needed as the main door is there, and we have the shoe rack and due to this the main door do not open fully. And we can not place full length mirror on the right side as there is electrical board. Is it fine if I place full length mirror on the North wall but its not that wide, may be just half a feet or so wide.

          I may be sounding very ignorant, and have some restrictions in implementing few things because I do not have all the freedom as this is a rented flat and only option will be to vacate this flat and search new one and I am not sure how will be the new flat.

          I will be grateful if you can reply.


          • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

            Dear Realacres,

            First of all, I really appreciate you for giving valuable tips on vastu thereby helping a lot of persons in taking a good decision regarding their property purchase. Coming to my problem, the flat in which I am presently staying (owned by my spouse and me jointly) has main entrace in the north west (north side of the west). It has two bedrooms both on the east side. The north east corner of the house is in the 2nd bed room. The m. bedroom is on the south east (east of south) but we have given it to two children, and mother as shared bed room. The kitchen is on the north west (with entrace on the north of west) at one end of the hall and the other end of the hall has the only balcony of the house (on the south west). The flat is three sides open, on the first floor of four storied building which has 3 flats on each floor ( there is a flat bang opposite to my flat and a stair case just adjoining to my kitchen wall going downstairs). There are roads on east and south of the flat the north and west side has small passage and staircase) Only one wall (the hall) is joining with the neighbouring flat. I shall be grateful to you if you could kindly advise me on the vastu properties of the house.


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              vastu advise dwarka flat

              Pls advise me on vastu for the attached flat as well as the plot where the flat is. I have also shown the stairs for this floor. There are 4 flats on 1 floor. The door of the flat opposite is also marked. Pls let me know how much % the flat is OK? and also any vastu dosh and remedy. thanks in advance.
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              • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                Thanks RA. I have dropped this option. regards.

                Originally posted by realacres View Post
                Seeing crematorium is bad, but having it close is very bad too, whether visible or not. The distance of your house from crematorium, hospital, temple or any religious place should be atleast 2 kms.

                * PS:- Hospitals means major hospitals & not those small dental clinics. And temple means the common ones open for all & not community temples.
                And the shadow of temple, etc. should never fall on your home. If builder has given temple in the premises, ensure that your building is not the one nearby to it.


                • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                  PLEASE RA
                  Give ur valuable suggestion for this FLOOR PLAN;

                  its in GATEWAY TOWER ONE.
                  BALCONY: EAST SIDE.
                  WEST SIDE:door.
                  NORTH SIDE KIDS BEDROOM
                  SOUTHWEST SIDE; M BED ROOM
                  Plz opine & advise;


                  • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips

                    Hello All,
                    Thanks you for your words & inspiration. Will reply to all the queries one by one tomorrow.
                    If you are happy, you are successful.


                    • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips


                      Hello RA

                      U r doing a gr8 job with answering all queris!

                      Can u please help me with the vastu remedies for this flat? We have already booked this unit.
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                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?