Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • Originally Posted by PerfectHouse
    Attached is the modified plan with North marked on it. Yes, you are correct about the Main Door/Lobby facing North.

    That's very good.

    Moving pooja room to North East location(Patio area in the plan) is one of the vaastu changes that we are considering seriously.

    No please don't do it. Having pooja room in NE is for it to be INSIDE the house, within the walls & not outside it. There are people who had kept pooja room in balcony, just because it was in NE. :o
    Have the pooja room in NE of the house within the walls, not outside it.
    You can do this :-

    Demolish existing small pooja room given by builder, add that space to living room & get it done in NE of living room. It will be best option. If not room, you can always go with wood & glass partition or gypsum boards.

    A very respected Vaastu person mentioned that having Pooja room in 3 x 3 Brahma Paada squares (Brahmasthanam) out of 81 squares is a very good thing although from everything that I read 3 x 3 Brahma paadas(squares) out of 81 squares should be preferably vacant but at a minimum the middle 1 x 1 square should be vacant if not all 3 x 3 squares.

    From what I have seen is people have got positive results only when they had/shifted their pooja room in NE.

    We are planning on making some vaastu specific modifications in the first floor. I would like to hear from you about the issues that you are seeing with first floor so that I can ensure that the issues you are seeing are in line with the changes we are planning to make.

    Many things are required on 1st floor :-

    > There is a toilet which comes above the kitchen in SE. Toi/bath in SE is bad, & having one above kitchen is even worse. Ensure that there is no bath/toi here,

    > Swap the place of NE bedroom on 1st floor with NW study/drawing on ground floor. So, the bedroom goes in NW on ground floor, while the study comes up in NE on 1st floor,

    > The bath/toi on 1st floor comes right above the lobby/entrance of ground floor. If not required, better you not have it at all, & if at all you want to retain it, it is best if used only as bathroom & not as toilet. Ensure you keep raw sea salt in bowl in this bathroom which needs to be changed after every 15 days,

    > If possible, don't have room on 1st floor in NE, rather let it be occupied with terrace. It will be fantastic. You can shift the room in NW where currently there is terrace. In short, this is mere swapping of room with terrace,

    > I can't see up & down direction on staircase, so ensure that it is clockwise i.e. you go from left towards right while going up. Numbers of stairs should never end with zero & number of steps should be such that if you start with your right feet, you should end with right feet only on landing space,

    > Parking of vehicles should be in NW of the house/plot,

    > The 1st floor SW bedroom should be occupied by owner of the house or the person who runs the house, while ground floor SW bedroom should be occupied by person who occupies 2nd position in the house.

    Btw, if there is only 1 couple in house, it doesn't mean husband sleeps on ground floor & wife on first floor. :D

    Thanks for your comments and appreciate it if you can lend your opinions at your earliest convenience.

    Let me know how much modification can be done. We can proceed from there after you discuss these points with the builder.
  • Originally Posted by ajawar
    Hello Real Acres,

    I am new to the group. Would like help in knowing about Vaastu for apartment I live in. Can you please let me know how is my apartment as per vaastu principles? And if there is anything I could do make it satisfactory.

    Many thanks

    Kindly do the following for your flat 304/504 :-

    > The kitchen is in N-NE. Place 'Sphatik' stone in the kitchen. Bigger the better,

    > Use pastel green color in kitchen as much as possible,

    > The curtains to the terrace door of living should be red/dark red in color,

    > Plant red roses, red hibiscus in the terrace attached to living. The pots ideally should be earthen pots rather than cement plots. Reddish colored pots will be even better in your case,

    > Location of bath/toi is fine, no issues,

    > The bed needs to be kept in such a way that you sleep with your head towards south,

    > It will be good if you have rudraksha mala as toran on the entrance door or even if you place few rudraksha in existing toran on entrance door, it will be good. It helps cleanse bad vibrations in the house,

    > Use sandalwood incense stick (agarbatti) daily.

    These remedies will surely help you to reduce the bad effects. :)
  • Originally Posted by sweetncu
    Mr RA,

    I am a silent reader of your notes about the vastu. And i must say you are a great person who is doing this noble job for the people here in the forum.
    Today, i atlast am coming to you to know the vastu of my home, which am i going to construct. So please give your valuable advise.

    Plaese share Any changes i can do .
    New delhi

    Where is ground floor ? Or you are going to occupy on first floor & ground floor will be occupied by someone else ?
    Anyways, as you are constructing this on your own, shift the stairs from NW to SW,

    Don't have common wall between kitchen & toilet & shift this toi/bath more towards SW side, centre of south is best when on south wall,

    Location of kitchen, M.bed, living & its attached balcony is very good,

    The bedroom in North, if going to be used as bedroom, should be shifted to South, West or NW,

    Avoid cuts as much as possible, irrespective of the direction. The house shape has to be square or rectangle only.

    Do these things first, upload the modified floor plan & then revert. Will take it from there further.
  • Originally Posted by persqfeet
    Hi Real,

    Please can you help me with your expert comments on the layout below?

    1. Cuts in NE and SW
    2. Washbasins on Bramhasthaan


    Thanks and Regards,

    Good to see you are picking up the fundamentals of Vaastu. :)

    Coming to your floor plan, man, it is not just Brahmasthan which is being affected by the toi/bath but even North. These toi/bath are taking up North + Brahmasthan, which means problems related to stomach, heart & finance.

    Cuts in NE is only major, not so much in case of SW.

    So, because of major cut in NE, toi/bath in Brahmasthan & North, best to reject it altogether.

    Man, I am really happy that members are gaining insights to the basic of Vaastushastra. Makes me feel really happy. :)
  • realacers ji sir u have wonderful knowledge
    earlier u were moderator now u are not sir what happen
  • Originally Posted by aashirwad
    Hi Ra ,

    Can you please take a look at the attached floor plan and comment on its vastu compliance and suggest necessary changes ?

    Thanks very much !

    Some modifications required :-

    > Shift the stairs from North to SW,

    > The septic tank should be shifted from SW to NW on west side; having a ditch, tank etc. in SW, South is very bad,

    > Your compound entrance is South facing. In this case, divide the South side in 9 equal parts & have the entrance gate on 4th house from SE,

    > Below the compound gate, place silver plate or thick wire about 2 feet below ground surface. Place sandalwood blocks near the end of the gates at the bottom as well. These 2 things will help drastically cut fire effects in entrance,

    > The compound entrance door should be of dark red/maroon color,

    > The temple should be in NE & not in West. You need to shift this as well,

    > You can have bath/toi in North-West, West or South,

    > Kitchen, living & borewell, tulsi is fantastic, & so is the entrance of the house,

    > Overall ensure that open space in & around your house is more in NE, North & East & less in SW, South & West,

    > If there is a kaccha road, you can one more entrance anywhere between NE-East but ensure that the compound wall entrance & your house entrance are not in straight line i.e. one in front of another,

    > The height & thickness of walls (including compound walls) should be in the following order :-

    SW > S > SE >/= NW > NE

    Hope this helps. Please revise the layout & upload it. We can proceed from there then. :)
  • Originally Posted by sravani
    Hi RA,

    Can you please let me know if the following 3BHK plan is OK, It's from a highly reputed builder and we invested lot of money in this, and cannot revert ...please suggest some solutions if necessary (Tilt 15 to 20 degrees),


    What I will say will sound harsh, but frankly, there aren't solutions to reduce the effect of this house to large extent.

    > The issue is not just the tilt, but entrance in SW, West facing which is the worst entrance;

    > Not a single bedroom is in correct location to be used as Master bedroom. Improper location of bedroom gives rise of lack of confidence, confusion, instability & NE bedroom even leads to probs in progeny & migraine disorders.

    What I would suggest you is this :-

    If you have already made lot of payment to the builder, hold on to the flat, get the possession & then sell it off. Ofcourse, if you are getting a buyer now at good rates, sell it now itself. I know it is hard, but you will be happy in the end. Better to scout for another flat. What I am saying may sound harsh, but it is for your & your near & dear one's benefit only. Better late than never.
    God bless. :)
  • Originally Posted by persqfeet
    Hi RA,

    Sorry to trouble you again but couldn't resist myself from posting this floor plan.

    What I liked:
    1. Master Bed in Southwest
    2. Entrance in East
    3. Kitchen in South East
    4. Kids Bed in NorthWest
    5. Living and Dining in NorthEast

    1. Toilets in Bramhasthaan
    2. Guest Bedroom in South

    Do the good factors outweigh bramhasthaan issue? I know you have been repeatedly saying that any dosha in NE, Center and SW can not be cured. But was wondering, given everything else fits the bill, if there is anything that can be done about this issue or its a clear reject?

    Awaiting your expert comments.


    What you said is correct. There are many factors which goes in favor of this house. So what you can do is following :-

    > Completely demolish the common toilet which falls in Brahmasthan,

    > Place bright light in this area (brahmasthan) & use it in evening for atleast an hour, more the better,

    > The other toi/bath attached to NW bedroom falls also in West & NW. Here, keep raw sea salt in a bowl & replace it after every 15 days,

    > Keep crystal quartz stone (Sphatik) in the centre of the house. This will help in absorbing the ill-effects,

    > If possible, in such case, opt for top floor so that there won't be toilet in brahmasthan above you & this will help in cutting the bad energy which is subtly transferred from one flat to another in such cases,

    > Place tulsi plant in NE balcony & pooja room in NE of house. Lit sandalwood, loban agarbatti/dhoop everyday alongwith lamp in pure ghee. If coupled with this, you also use chanting machine, it will be of great help.

    If you are OK with what I have said, proceed to buy. And yes, note that in this case, we demolished the toilet altogether in brahmasthan. There is NO remedy for it.

    Btw, guest room in south is not bad. It is just that in such case, the guest doesn't leave early & will try to dominate you :D. The simple solution in this case is give your kids south bedroom & NW for guests or if south bedroom is to be used a guest bedroom, place your photograph in SW of the room. This would help.

    Let me know if you need anything more from me. All the best. :)
  • Originally Posted by vinst1
    Dear RA,

    Could you please look at flat nos: 5 and 11 from vaastu point of view? thanks


    Flat number 5 is fantastic. BUY. :)
  • Originally Posted by harshsharma
    Dear RA Ji .. As you suggested. I have checked compass being at location, and it seems to me correct as is mentioned in the layout. As now I have got actually flat layouts.. sharing with you three preferences of mine.. Please suggest best among them as per vastu and also if you can share pros and cons of these (as nothing is perfect :) ). As I shared master earlier, main entry of this property is at East. Hope I have provided all information. Thanks.
    One more query.. how to check kitchen is at n/w/s/e.. I mean should we keep compass at middle of flat or we should keep compass at middle of whole property, or at middle of building. Please do not mind.. I am novice in vastu aspects.. Request your quick help as I may need to block a unit in day or two max. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Amongst all the floor plan you gave, it is best to opt for type 7.
    In this, you need to do the following :-

    > Use the toi/bath in North only for bathing & not as toilet,

    > There is small cut in NE (entire NE is not cut). So, please put a full size mirror on Northern wall of the NE bedroom. It is best to have study & pooja room here,

    > The kitchen platform needs bit modification. Rather than cooking facing west on west platform, better to cook on east platform, even if the area on east is less. You can cut the veggies & all anywhere but the stove needs to be in SE part of kitchen, East facing only. In this case, it will naturally help in taking stove more towards SE part of the house as well,

    > Don't keep the terraces completely vacant. Having plants there will help. Red colored flowers in balcony attached to living room & palm plants in balcony attached to M.bed.

    For directions, it is best to keep the compass in centre of your flat & take other reading from the entrance door too.

    The house calculations are done in the following way :-

    Hope this helps. If you have further queries, let me know.
    All the best. :)
  • Originally Posted by rameshh
    RA sir,

    please suggest on attached plan and also suggest about overall site.

    In case of type 17, entire SW is missing/cut. This is not all recommended under any circumstances & hence best to reject it.

    The only plans in which something can be done is like the one mentioned above, it is the same project. This I am saying after seeing all the flats from the file uploaded by you.
    God bless.
  • Originally Posted by vishalp20
    Hi anyone cam help me with vastu of my house
    question : What are the problem areas and what re there solution. Plase reply I need it urgently

    The size of the image is too small. Please upload bigger size image/better clarity image alongwith directions. I will surely revert.
  • Originally Posted by oldguyy
    Thank you very much RA sir ,have booked my house in gm ecity town mainly because of the floor plan :)

    one doubt sir - is SW cut ok ?

    please let me know sir
  • Originally Posted by abhay
    realacers ji sir u have wonderful knowledge
    earlier u were moderator now u are not sir what happen

    Thanks for your kind words.
    I have left as moderator as I am unable to devout required time for the role. However, admins have already informed that as & when I am ready again, I will be again given responsibility of moderator.


    My apologies for the delay. I was travelling a lot for work & again in last week of this month, I will be going abroad. It is only due to this reason, I am no longer moderator. Even right now, it took atleast 2.5 Hrs in replying to all the queries. I do this because I don't want anyone to suffer the way I did by staying in junk house as per Vaastushastra. Be assured that I will reply to your queries.
    Sorry once again. :(

    Best regards,
  • Originally Posted by oldguyy
    please let me know sir

    Already replied. See post #718.
    Let me know if you have further queries.
    SW major cut is bad, but in this case its OK.
    You can in this case, compensate with having brown colored furniture in bedroom, dark brown colored curtains & wardrobes on South & West walls of the room with bed position in such a way that you sleep with your head facing south.