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Vaastu Shastra Tips

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Vaastu Shastra Tips

Last updated: November 21 2020
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    Originally posted by realacres View Post
    There are 2 major flaws in the flat :-

    1) Entrance is in SW;
    2) Major cut in NE.

    Other issues are with location of kitchen & also the common toilet & location of both the bedrooms.
    For entrance in SW, I can give some solutions (which will still not be 100% effective as SW entrance is dangerous). But there is no solution for NE cut & common toilet.

    All in all, it will be best if you can cancel this flat altogether as remedies won't suffice as issues are very major.
    Thanks for ur reply. I can not cancel by Booking as registration is already done.So Pls Suggest Possible solution that can be applied as it is in Construction Stage & how it should be made vastu Compliant.


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      Originally posted by realacres View Post
      You have mentioned NW facing flat, but from the directions mentioned on floor plan by you, it is SW section, South facing.

      Kindly clarify.

      It is NW facing.


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        Originally posted by vj0real
        Yes the deviation is not more than 10-15deg.

        Also its 3 bed and 2 bath/toi.
        OK. No issues here.

        The bath/toi that you mention in SE, isn't that S. I actually thought it was S.
        It would have been in South if the angle would have been between 30-45 degrees. As you said that the angle of deviation is not more than 10 degrees, it is SE.
        This means you won't be able to use it as bathroom. Ofcourse, there are some remedies but it is best not to do those things especially when you have not yet purchased it. And remedies work better when there is some room in SE (earth) as Earth + Fire or Earth + Water can stay together, but one can't expect good remedial solutions in case there is conflict between Fire & Water elements are both are not compatible to each other.

        As I am considering that Kitchen is perfect SE. the house is not in perfect NEWS direction. The main door is facing W of NW. pls advise. Any other Major flaw.
        Kitchen is in East & not SE. This is also not bad according to Vastu. Just keep some soil in a small earthen pot between stove & sink, just in case all are parallel with each other &/or the sink is not in NE of the kitchen.
        The main door is always best not to be in any corner of the house. The main door being west facing in NW is not fantastic but is not Vastu defect either.

        What is your take on shape of flat, its in the same attachment, just scroll below.
        thanks and regards.
        I won't say that it is fantastic but it is not bad to reject it either. I can give some tips to boost the energy levels in the flat, but yes, forget the usage of the bathroom in SE. So, if you are OK with only 1 bath, buy, else drop it. And yes, preferably look for house which is in NE part of the house, either North or East facing. Remember, entrance of the house also has lot of weightage. Btw, the said flat mentioned here has really good brahmsathan & NE, which is big plus.

        Take the call depending upon the SE bathroom usage, that's all.

        * PS:- I am considering that the m.bed has balcony attached to it. In many projects it happens that the terrace is alternate on every floor. If there is not balcony to M.bed in SW, then there is a major cut, which is big minus.
        If you are happy, you are successful.


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          Originally posted by Iminvestor
          Hello RA,

          Thanks for answering few of my questions. In continuation to my last post, I have prepared my floor plan from the details builder has specified in the broucher. There is generic floor plan provided by builder with directions mentioned for the buildings only..

          Second picture I have attached at the bottom is of my society. My flat is in the building marked with black circle and the direction of balcony is same as the arrow ended with a comment(Direction of balcony) marked in the society map. As per the compass, all the balconies are in NE direction (It will come between North and East) and Main door entrance will be in between south and East direction. You only have to visualize the balconies in NE direction. I hope I am able to explain this clearly...

          (Please ignore the size and name of the rooms as they are they appearing as rotated because I created my floor plan image from an existing image)

          Please let me know If this changes any of your earlier comments mentioned in below post.

          Also is it bad If any of four directions are coming in any corner of flat. Any remedy for this??

          From the layout which you have sent, it is clear that the flat is in sub-direction with an angle of deviation to be more than 30 degrees. In this case, the Vastu goes under a dosha, called as 'Vidisha'. Having such flat is bad as you are never aligned properly with the gravitational force. The electromagnetic energy in the house too will be disturbed.
          Remember man, that there is iron/steel in construction which has direct impact on magnetic force as well. It is for the same reason, it is recommended not to sit or sleep under a beam as it creates stress in the area below (gravity + magnetic).

          Remedy ? Well, there is nothing that powerful which can fight earth's gravitational force. And for human health, it is best if he harnesses the natural energy of nature for his benefit than fighting against it (remedies). So, it is best to avoid it.
          If you are happy, you are successful.


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            Originally posted by dsinghals
            Sorry RA,

            The correct north is marked in the attachment.
            The North is cut, completely gone, this leads to financial probs & by the time you realise it, it is quite late. Having bedroom in NE is also bad as it gives probs like migraine & issues related to progeny. These 2 are very major issues. The other bedroom in East is better than that of NE, but having toilet in East is again very bad & here, it sits right in the corner. All the 4 corners of the house need to be free from bath/toi.

            Apart from this , the house is completely in sub-direction (based on the angle you have shown, but please confirm if it is more than 10 degrees) & the entrance door isn't good either. Such entrance doors give some good time for initial 3-5 yrs & after that, it starts pulling you down heavily.

            The issues are quite serious & for sub-direction, there is no solution as mentioned in post above. Best would be to shift out from here.
            If you are happy, you are successful.


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              Originally posted by HurryHome
              Thank you so much RealAcres jee. You are really great.
              I feel shy after reading such posts man !!
              Since I have myself suffered a lot due to pathetic Vastu which I stayed in for several years (till college), I know how bad it can be & don't want anyone else to suffer than same.
              Unfortunately, most of the so called Vastu experts are there just to make some quick bucks. First they will scare you & then say, OK use this or use that & it will be OK & charge several thousand bucks for that . At the end, for better result, a person pays to him but gets nothing in return leading to which people think that it is all bogus. It is not the science which is bogus, it is the person who is the culprit.

              So, if you too want to say 'Thank You' to me, ask everyone to look at atleast major things before buying any property. The more aware the buyers are about this science, the builders will be forced to select plot & construct on it according to Vastu.

              Do keep us updated on the results which you get.
              Good luck & god bless.
              If you are happy, you are successful.


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                Originally posted by kannan82
                Thanks a lot RA for your detailed analysis and very valuable inputs. Yes, I was referring to flat 2 only. Attaching the floor plan with dimensions as well.

                I have some follow-up questions

                Can you explain this please?
                Parallel means when someone is cooking, there is a kitchen platform in front as well as at back. See this link for the pic :-


                The loft means the storage area done on the wall near the ceiling. See this link for pic :-


                This needs to be done in South as it is where is the place of storage, which makes this side automatically heavier than rest, which is recommended.

                I am planning to use #7 as kids bedroom. Is there any remedy for using 14 as pooja? If not, I can have pooja in 2 or 3
                The pooja room needs to be in NE, North or East. North East is called as 'Ishanya', & 'Ish' means God. Hence, it is best not to keep pooja room in #14.

                Having #2 is best but will be open for all, guests included. Hence, opt for #3 but have some partition between pooja room & dining, it can be of wood or wood + glass.

                8 & 9 is planned as bedroom & toilet for my parents (who are 60+). Attached toilet would be very helpful for them. Is there any remedy if we need to use 9 as toilet as well?
                It will be better if they use #13 bath/toi as much as possible. However, you can place raw salt or samudri namak in some bowl (plastic is preferred as glass is risky just in case it falls & breaks) & change it after every 15 days. Have exhaust fan here & some room freshener as well. Also ensure that all bath/toi are kept clean.

                Since the master bedroom has a balcony on the east, placing the dresser on the east extreme (10) would be difficult. Can I still have dresser in same position (11), but move the bed position more towards the west (closer to 11)? In that case, the space on the east would be empty. The room dimensions are 11.5 * 17.5 ft.

                Thanks again!!!
                Will do. Just ensure that you sleep with your head towards South. If bed placement is as given in floor plan, get the switches shifted accordingly for your convenience, if possible.
                And yes, there is no compromise in sleeping with head towards South. This has to be the case in all bedrooms.

                Write in if you have more queries.
                God bless.
                If you are happy, you are successful.


                • Re : Vaastu Shastra Tips


                  you are doing a great job! congratulations for that

                  I had a basic query, when figuring out the directions, should one stand with the compass in the middle of the house?


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                    Originally posted by lanmai
                    Hi RA,
                    Had few more doubts reg the vastu of 06 in B block as attached in .
                    Can you please clarify ?
                    can there be staircase which touches the northern wall?
                    Also, the number of doors (inc of bath) are 7 and i see gen people suggest to have even number . So , will you suggest to have one more door .
                    If yes,We are thinking of having two doors to c bedroom, adding one just opp to the main door.
                    there is a balcony in the m.bedroom, as SW needs to be heaviest , isn't this space vacant and light always. Can we use a small portion of it, the sw extreme corner as a store room by partitioning with a grill ? Need your advice on this .

                    The stairs should not be a matter of concern as those of common staircase, & not only for you. Also, as there are multiple flats here, the effect, good or bad is distributed. Overall, you need not worry much in this case. This holds true though in case of bungalow or row house or duplex, where the ownership of the staircase also lies with the house owner.

                    As far as number of door, windows, steps etc. are concerned, these are more into minor things which can't be seen practical in case of flats. Infact, if you further, there are laws where the minimum height of ceiling should be 12-14 ft & height in NE should be max while that in SW should be less. The floor too should be lower in NE & go increasing as you move towards SW. The size of windows too change based upon direction, floor etc. Then there are things where the min width of door, height of window from floor etc. is mentioned. But man, all this works when you are building your own house. Incase of flats, it is best to stick with those principles which are of grave intensity/importance.
                    What one needs to see though is there are no 3 or more doors in single line, if so, put a curtain on 2nd door. Hence, having even or odd no. of doors should not give any issues to you in this case.

                    The SW needs to be the heaviest, absolutely right. You can put earthen pots & palm tree here. I don't know if closing the balcony is allowed, but if possible, surely you can put grill & use it as store-room. But ensure that it is a store-room & not used to store junk material, raddi etc. in the house.

                    And man, overall the floor plan is really very good, so need not worry about these things much, but its good that you asked.

                    You can proceed buying here, but if possible buy 02 flat in B block.
                    Write in if you have more queries.
                    Be well.
                    If you are happy, you are successful.


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                      Originally posted by amitsmw
                      Thanks for ur reply. I can not cancel by Booking as registration is already done.So Pls Suggest Possible solution that can be applied as it is in Construction Stage & how it should be made vastu Compliant.
                      Man, I would not like to give any fake assurances, hence frankly, there is absolutely no solution if there is flaw in NE. It means having cut, toi/bath, kitchen or stairs in NE.

                      I would reiterate that if you bothered about Vastu, it is best not to buy this flat.
                      If you are happy, you are successful.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?