Vaastu Shastra - Tips

Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of eight directions for proper implementation of the energy sources.
Experts practicing Vaastu Shastra recommend adhering to certain guidelines or tips for successful implementation of the ancient science.

Share you knowlegde - 'tips on Vaastu' with the real estate fraternity.
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  • Realacres,
    Please help! I have attached image of my flat which is currently given on rent to the bachelors right after possession.
    Need suggestions on how this layout can influence my life and remedies.
    Thank u.
  • Gents,

    I have attached image of my house which I am thinking to buy. I need to give an offer tomorrow, hence it is bit urgent.

    Please can I request seniors to comment on how this layout is as per Vastu? Is there any major faults, if yes, can they be easily rectified? how it can influence my life and remedies.

    Early reply would be highly appreciated Guys!

    Many Thanks
  • Originally Posted by Sat234
    Thanks realacres

    I have not bought yet. But I might since there are no options. Any solutions to kitchen in north. And North East cuts?

    For kitchen in North, there are some remedies but surely aren't enough to cut the losses. Also, there shall be kitchen below & above you in North which is again bad.
    For cut in NE, no solution, infact there is no solution at all for major prob in NE, be it major cut, kitchen, toilet or stairs in NE.
  • Originally Posted by homhunt
    Thanks a ton, realacres. I truly appreciate your knowledge and above all your willingness to support people. I am yet to get the possession of the flat from builder, might be I will get it in 2 or 3 months and I am not in the city any more but will surely do the all the things which you suggested. But, don't took me wrong asking this question. As I told, I am already move out from Delhi/NCR and don't know about my future to come back or not. When I bought this, i bought for staying purpose but during last few years situation got change. What you think, is this flat have major vaastu dosh? if yes, then i can think of selling it as well or based on your suggestions, ill effects can be cured completely. As per limited understanding of mine in this subject, all most all the flats are not completely as per vaastu. if i shown the layout before buying, will you recommend to buy with such solution or you suggest me to avoid?

    This can be simply concluded that since you are not gonna stay here, makes sense to sell it off & exit. This is not just on financial basis but staying in such house isn't going to give great results either. If you had shown this layout before, I would have asked to avoid this flat.

    So, sell off this flat as it serves both the purposes & when you finally decide to settle down, you can then buy a flat which is Vaastu +ve.

    Btw, in many cases if there is defect in SW or M.bed is in NW, the owner spends very less time at home. You can check this aspect out as an experiment.
  • Originally Posted by Shrivio
    Dear RA,

    As promised, I am attaching the floor plan of my friend's house. It is a rental house.

    After reading these boards, I see many issues.

    Issues -
    Ground floor:
    Road in South
    Entrance in SW (gate and door)
    Bathrooms in N and NE in ground floor (he says they can stop using NE one only)

    First floor:
    Bathroom in NE (hard to stop using bc of kid)
    Bathroom in SW, Master bath. They say they never use it for anything

    His wife had a major health issue last year (now resolved) and their lives have been very hectic. He says they work really hard but see almost no rewards for it. They have lived in the house for 2 years.

    Should I tell him to move out of the house? Since it is rental and it seems like the key SW/NE corners are not very good, it would be better to move soon than jeopardize their health and well being.


    See, you yourself have mentioned the Vaastu doshas & given the impact which took place on your friend & his family. What's more, you even gave correct solution at the end. :)

    Btw, the poor results in career are also due to the stairs in East & more open space in South which makes the plot heavier on North & lighter in South. This acts as a weight on your leg, need to work harder even to cross short distance. Wife's health issue was due to NE toilet.

    So what are you waiting for man ? Do tell your friend to exit ASAP & being rented house, its so easy.
  • Originally Posted by anuj2703

    I have attached image of my house which I am thinking to buy. I need to give an offer tomorrow, hence it is bit urgent.

    Please can I request seniors to comment on how this layout is as per Vastu? Is there any major faults, if yes, can they be easily rectified? how it can influence my life and remedies.

    Early reply would be highly appreciated Guys!

    Many Thanks

    Realacre mate, would you mind replying to my message too, My offer has been accepted by vendor and it is the last stage now when I need to say yes or no for this house. plz reply!!!
  • Originally Posted by homhunt
    Hi Realacres,

    as per your suggestion, I left one apartment wherein the deal was almost final and then I shortlisted one more property which is again adviced to leave. I agree with your points and I read it in the previous blogs that we need to patient to find the right property, I am completely praticing that. but I need your continuous support to figure out a right property for me. Now, I need to stay some more time in my rented premisis, i would like to hear it from you that is it good or if i can make it more better or I need to find new rented accomodation till the time I will not find the good choice to buy. seeking your advice for the attached layout. Its a duplex flat and stairs are just next to kitchen and on first floor you have a similar one bedroom with attached bathroom as exactly the layout on the ground floor and we have a tarrace on first floor on top of the kitchen. Please advice.

    There is major cut or rather complete non-existent NE & whatever small part is left, contains bath-toilet which is extremely bad. With this, the house is like headless body, completely lifeless.
    So due to major issue with NE, it is best to shift out.

    Remember, come what may, there should be no major flaw in energy axis which is NE-Brahmasthan (Centre)- SW.

    If anything amongst these 3 are damaged, it's serious flaw with no remedial solutions & hence best to keep away from such properties, be it residential or commercial.
  • Originally Posted by Shrivio
    Dear RA,

    I have to move and this is the rental that is in the correct price range.

    I am concerned about the Kitchen and Master Bedroom being swapped with the kitchen in SW and Master in SE. Door is also S facing. Are there any remedies that I can use?

    Will be living there for a year or so and want to minimize negative effects. Your help is much appreciated.

    Bedrooms should be ideally located in Southern & Western parts of the house, though for kids, East can also work. But in your case, there is not a single bedroom in South & Western side. The one which is towards South is in SE, which is not recommended as it leads to disharmony within the family, mostly amongst couples who occupy this room.

    The major flaw is kitchen in SW. This will never give you stability in whatever you do & all the good energy which should actually hold on here in SW is burnt due to kitchen. Add to it entrance in centre of South, which is again bad.

    Overall, this flat is not recommended, even if you are getting it for zero rental.
  • Originally Posted by meena22
    Dear RA,

    I am a new member here.After going through all the posts in this thread I should say that i am thoroughly fascinated by our ancient science vasthu shastra and also your in-depth knowledge and analysis regarding the same.
    I have attached the floor plan for an apartment we are looking to purchase. Kindly suggest your feedback. I have divided the plan into 3*3 matrix for your convenience.
    Thanks in advance :)

    The floor plan is quite tricky. There are good & there are some flaws. The most critical factor here is the entrance. South facing entrance, if any has to be on 4th house from SE after diving the side into 9 equal parts. Entrance in SE corner burns out all opportunities even before they reach you.

    In your case, the location of kitchen, living, terrace, M.bedroom, C.bed is indeed good. No issues related to NE but there is toilet in Brahmasthan.

    So due to bad entrance & toilet in brahmasthan (centre), it is best to avoid this flat.
  • Originally Posted by homhunt
    Hi RA,

    I Know this science is not that easy for me to get it straight but like to know few things like

    1) Which entrance is best or second best and which is completely NO case.
    2) Which side Kitchen is best or second best and which is completely NO case.
    3) Which side bedrooms are best or Second best and which side is completely NO Case.
    4) Same question for Toilets?
    5) if above conditions are met the best or second best, what else can be wrong which can lead to avoid recommendation of yours.

    Finally, once i validate the 5 mentioned points, I will seek your final approval after sending you the floor plan then only I make a final call to buy. Your support will be highly needed and appreciated.

    Hope this helps. Let me know in case of any queries.
  • Originally Posted by meena22
    Regarding main entrance, I checked some of RAs previous posts where South of SE is ranked number 4 out of all the acceptable entrances ( see attached image ) .
    Since it was very difficult to find floor plans without major vasthu dhoshas we were ok with a south facing entrance.
    RA - pls clarify. Am I correct in assuming S of SE is acceptable per vasthu or should the position of door be away from corner (Agni moola) in South as shown in image?

    As mentioned above, South facing entrance door works only if it is located on 4th position from SE corner when you divide the South side in 9 equal parts. This is not the case in your shortlisted flat & hence best to avoid it. Also there is issue of toilet in centre of house.
  • Originally Posted by Sat234
    Hello, meena22,

    AFAIK, East West entries are considered okay. That is why most builders give flats facing east or west. Anyway, wait for the expert :)

    Hello RealAcres,

    your inputs please.

    Only east-west is not correct.
    For East facing, entrance has to be from NE to centre of East. Some mistakenly take even East facing in SE part as correct entrance which is wrong in reality.

    In case of west facing, there are only 2 options :-

    Divide West side in 9 equal parts & the gate/door has to be on 3rd or 4th house from NW.
  • Originally Posted by Doubts19
    Hi All,

    Request your help in determining the vastu of the enclosed apartment. Could you please also let me know if having a terrace on the western side is ok. What r the modifications that need to be done to be vastu compliant. Please also suggest the remedies.

    Hoping to hear soon.

    Thanks in advance

    If you consider only the flat, there are not major issues but as big terrace on West is part of the flat, it changes the equation.

    In your case, the good part remains the kitchen, m.bed, living & attached terrace to dining.
    The toilet attached to bedroom in North-West would have fallen in NW but with terrace, it falls in North part of the house. Hence, it is recommended that you keep raw sea salt here & change it every 15 days. Apart from this, use it only for bathing that too if unavoidable but this should not be used as toilet. It will be best if you can remove EWC altogether.

    Keep the balcony at living room open & place Tulsi vrindawan here in NE corner of balcony.

    You can place a copper swastika above the entrance door frame from outside in 4x4 inches in size & have a white color toran on the door. If possible, have the door in white or its shades.

    The big terrace in West should be covered to as much extent as possible & try to make it heavy either by putting lot of plants &/or furniture. Ensure that you don't have any water source on terrace like water fountain or water curtain. If possible, try to increase the floor height of this terrace more than the floor level of the flat. More or less, the colours used in the terrace should be whitish towards North side & brown towards West & South side.

    Let me know incase of further queries.
  • Originally Posted by nitin1979
    Hi Experts, Can you pls suggest, should I go this apartment as per vastu. I also marked my flat as Circle in cluster plan.

    Kitchen in North & major cut & toilet in NE. This is enough to reject the flat right away.
    Besides this, North facing entrance in NW part is not recommended either.
    So, avoid this flat, be it for purchase or for rent.
  • Originally Posted by ganeshsam14
    Hi experts,

    I've purchased this flat and builder asked me for modifications need to be done. So plz validate the vaasthu and share your comments on this plan.

    Just 2 major things :-

    > Shift the pooja towards East side. This would mean change in location of door of the bedroom but that's fine. Location of bedroom door is not as important as location of pooja. So get pooja room shifted,

    > Place water-proof plywood on wall between toilet & kitchen on kitchen side.

    That's all. All the best. :)