Hi all
I am Dr Ranjeet Mehta Astro-Vaastu Expert. I am glad to join this forum hope to hear from all of you.

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  • Originally Posted by kumarg79
    Hello sir/madam.

    4 years back i have stayed in an flat, with in one year i am bankrupt and went into debts. i have lost money and fame both. in 18 months i have vacated that flat but even new house also i could not able to found with good vaastu.

    After i vacated,after 6 months i enquired via my friends about new tenant, he struggled to pay his monthly rent, and 2 years after he went to jail because of fraud.

    Here i am attaching the flat floor plan. Can you please let me know what went wrong here, i am curious to know

    Hi kumarg79;

    As I can see from the layout, there is a toilet in North West direction, North East is totally cut, East also has a toilet. South West is also cut or very low in area, and entrance is also not good or there must be blue or black color in South East which leads to losses. North West and EAST toilets create problems in having support system at the time of need. North East gives us a clear vision of the situation thus leading to right action, poor North East creates confusion and leads to wrong decisions. Hope I have answered your query satisfactorily.
  • Hi Can you check the attached 2BHK plan for Vastu and give me your feedback. I'm yet to purchase and wanted to have a word with expert before buying. Pl. let me know if any other details are required as well.
  • Hi,

    Please let me know that for a apartment in a Multistory building, the Facing of that apartment will be considered by its Main Door or by its Main Balcony?

  • suggest vastu for my house

    Hello sir
    My name is Alpesh i am attach my flat photo .
    please advice us as per vastu how is my house?

    Thanking you
  • Hi @LeenaS ji,
    Can you please advise on below two configs. Which is more vastu compliant
  • looks like vaastu experts are missing on this forum. Requesting IREF to invite some here.
  • Originally Posted by GlobeSon
    looks like vaastu experts are missing on this forum. Requesting IREF to invite some here.

    I know, we are actively scouting for one .
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