Like everything else, Vastu has great benefits for students as well. With a little bit of care students can maximize their potential as energies begin to flow in a positive manner.

Let us see how:

Study or sitting arrangement?
Well, studying is a pure and holy activity in the real sense and hence it should be done in the purest and most dedicated manner. That said, it is advisable never to study on a bed or a dining table as they serve a different purpose. Studying should always be done on a study table or any other setting dedicated to studying alone.

Shape of the study table:
The study table should always be of regular shape like a square, rectangle or perfect circle. The logic here is that shapes other than the ones defined tend to create confusion and affect concentrating on studies. Also, corners of the table should not be broken or cut.

Direction for Study:
The ideal direction is to sit facing the North as energy from the North Pole tends to create energetic fields adding up to the power to study for long without getting tired and with concentration. Care should be taken not to block this direction in any manner and keep the flow of energy intact. Also, placing a mirror on the north wall will enhance the positive effects.

Sitting against a sold back:
Ideally, you should sit against a wall as compared to having a window or any other form of opening at your back as they affect your concentration power and provide zero energy support.

Free flowing energy:
The energy should flow freely before you and not obstructed by placing the front end of the table against the wall or putting up a book shelf or a rack or any such object. Any such obstruction only tends to minimize or stop the flow of energy approaching you.

Clear the clutter:
It is needless to say that clutter tends to confuse and works against the ability to concentrate and think clearly. As a rule, throw away or shift everything that doesn't contribute to your studies immediately like stationary material including pens that are not working, broken pencils, pieces of papers, scribble notes etc. The point is, there should be minimum clutter enabling a free flow of thoughts and positive energy.

The play of colours:
Though this may not always be possible for people bu a little change of decor including the choice of colours can affect studies in a very positive manner. For instance, shades of lemon yellow and violet tend to help enhancement of memory power and the ability to concentration. It is so because Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, located below the chest and is a centre of lower emotions (modernistic needs) in our body and regulates the solar plexus and in turn regulates the emotions. On the other hand, Violet is the color for our crown chakra (located at the top of our head) which is directly related to our higher emotions like spirituality, good character and stability of mind. It lets us concentrate on issues and helps take corrective and decisive actions. It is also a divine color and protects us too.

Create a positive environment around you:
Well, it is all about feeling positive and staying interested so do whatever positive thing makes you feel that way. Use a fragrance that makes you nostalgic of good and happy times, play music that is soothing and fills you with newfound energy and so on. Do anything that is good and tends to leave good imprints on your mind when studying.

Begin it in a positive way:
All said and done, nothing goes well if it is not begun well. So, always wake up in the morning feeling thankful and expressing it silently. Another thing that you can do is to have a look of your palms as you open your eyes as it is said to be auspicious and brings a level of peace, strength and good luck.

.................................................. ..........

Well, there are many other things that can be done in detail but the ones listed are those that can affect it a lot.
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  • That is quite the detail. Thanks! What about tips for students living in a hostel or PG?