Can anyone advise on how, according to vastu, should plots be selected?
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  • Well, the ideal location that anyone should go for are calm and serene environments with enough greenery and water source around the area. also, the soil should be fertile and not rocky or concrete.

    In a deeper sense, you can feel the vibrations coming out of the plot and the area in general as every place has it's influences that can be felt at the initial stage too. Further, the plot and the area should have a positive and peaceful history with happy stories about it and not sad or bad incidents. It is more of a psychological evaluation but happy people make happy surroundings and positive energies move around freely.

    You can check for plot adjacent to roads or those with roads or pathways on one or more sides or on all four sides as it ensures free flow of energy and hence brings in good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

    Another option would be a plot with roads on the North or East as it brings in more light and air and hence fills up the house with good vibes and positive energies.
  • Hi,

    Here are some Vastu Shastra tips:

    1. Do not buy a plot which is tucked between tall buildings

    2. Go for plot shapes which are standard like square, rectangular, etc. and not oval or round shapes

    3. Plots which face religious structures like temples or mosques, or any cemetery, or even electric poles should be avoided. That is, a residential building should not be constructed facing these structures.

    4. Clear the plot and make it clutter-free. Ensure Bhumi Pujan is performed.