What Vastu rules imply on selecting the name plate of a house? What are the dos and don’ts?
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  • See, everything has some science and logic behind it. In Vastu too, there a re a lot of things that sum up the essence of why something needs to be done and why something shouldn't be done.

    On a general note, the name plate or door plate, helps identify the house. On a much further level, it helps identify, or relate the persona and energy of the person living in the house. Sometimes,even a nameplate is enough to generate disinterest in the visitor's mind. The persona relates to the various styles available in the market and serves as a decor element to adorn the house at the very first look. Nameplates come in various styles and can be modern, abstract, concept-based or simply based on religious beliefs, the most common ones.
  • Some pointers -

    1. Name written on the door plate should be easily readable . According to the Vaastu shastra, if your home doesn’t have a nameplate, it will be difficult for opportunities to find their way to you. In other words, let alone twice, a home without a proper nameplate may not see good things come knocking even once !

    2. Colours used in the name plate should be selected based on the directions . There are different elements are associated with different directions .

    3. Like colours, material used in making a name plate is equally important . Metallic name plates are very auspicious for the north facing homes .

    4. Personal Touch - Your name says a lot about you. Your car says a lot about you . Your clothes say a lot about you. Your home says a lot about you. Well, so does your nameplate .

  • Hi,

    Here are some tips:

    1. If the nameplate is near the door bell, make sure it is placed above the doorbell

    2. Choose a name with an auspicious meaning

    3. Make the area well-lit by installing light fixtures

  • I had a few queries. Where should we place the name plate in a flat and in a bungalow?
  • In an apartment/flat, you should place a nameplate on your door or the wall beside the door. In a bungalow or villa, the nameplate should be placed on the main gate.
  • Can metallic name plates be used for any direction of flat?