Before buying a new house, you should consider some Vastu aspects and buy only if all fall in place or at least a majority of them are aligned well with your new property. Why should you do that? Well, Vastu Shastra, has been the ultimate science for maximising the positive energy of a house and help individuals gain more happiness, wealth, health and prosperity. Though there are many aspects that go into this science, some of them are most important and hence should be taken care of.

The fact that a majority of old houses were never built to comply with Vastu leaves little choice for home buyers to get hold of totally Vastu compliant houses but still, we can get the best out of them with a little bit of interest, effort and corrections. The fact is that there are a lot of corrections that can be made to be able to maximise the benefits. Vastu shouldn't be ignored as some thought should be given to correcting the energy of the place where we would be spending most of our lives.

Having said that, some handy tips will follow in the thread for the benefit of members and home buyers.
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  • @viccimal - Thanks for post but there has always been a confusion in my mind about the compliance issues with Vastu. Like you have said, a majority of house were never built according to Vastu and when we say majority, it means almost all of them. Some of those house became compliant by default as far as locations and directions were concerned. Nowadays, developers make such houses but even then, they are very few. So how effective is correcting such defects compared to buying Vastu complaint houses in the first place. There will always be deficiencies, right?