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Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?


Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?

Last updated: September 14 2018
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  • Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?

    Buying new houses is all about auspicious days, dates and most importantly, performing a griha pravesh puja, before finally moving into the house. Can we pen down some important points to be considered for performing an auspicious griha pravesh?
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    Re : Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?

    From the web-

    Griha pravesh tips for your new house, this festive season

    When it comes to a property investment, home owners are generally particular about auspicious days and performing a griha pravesh, before moving in. We examine the significance of this ceremony and the points to consider
    Indians are generally particular about shubh muhurats, when it comes to buying a property or shifting to a new house. They believe that performing a griha pravesh ceremony on an auspicious day, will bring them good fortune.

    A griha pravesh ceremony is performed, when one enters a new home for the first time. “It is important, not just for the owner but also for the entire family,” says Mumbai-based Jayshree Dhamani, a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert. According to Vastu, a house is made up of five elements – the sun, earth, water, fire and wind and the proper alignment of these elements in a house, brings happiness, good health and prosperity.
    “It is believed that entering a home during an auspicious time, makes life easy and there will be minimum struggle for the family, after moving into the new house. Days that are most favourable for such muhurats are Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi), while days like Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas and Shraddha Paksha are to be avoided,” adds Dhamani.

    A house warming performed on Dussehra does not even require an auspicious time, as every moment of this day is considered auspicious. Before the griha pravesh, a kalash pooja is usually performed.
    For this ritual, a copper pot is filled with water and nine types of grains and a coin are placed in it. A coconut is placed on the pot and one enters the house with it, accompanied by the chanting of mantras by a priest.

    Dos and don’ts for performing a griha pravesh
    The griha pravesh should be done, only when the new house is ready for the family to shift into it and reside. “The house should be fully done up. It should be freshly painted and the roof should be ready (if it is an independent house). The doors, windows and other fittings too, should be complete,” says Nitien Parmar, a Vastu consultant of Vastu Plus.
    “The Vastu Purush and other deities are worshipped.
    “The main door, which is the entry point for prosperity and good vibes into the house, has to be decorated with auspicious symbols like a swastika and Laxmi feet, drawn on the threshold. A toran (originating from the Sanskrit word ‘torana’, meaning the sacred gateway), which is made of fresh mango leaves and marigold flowers, should be hung on the doorway. The temple in the house should be in the north-east zone and should be fixed on day of the house warming,” advises Parmar.
    The griha pravesh ceremony can be simple or elaborate, depending upon the home owner. Usually, a havan is conducted, to purify the space cleanse it of negative forces. A Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti, which means worship of the nine planets and a Vastu puja, are generally performed. One should also serve food to the priests and family and friends, who are invited on this day. Once the house warming ceremony has been performed, the owners can then move into the new house.

    Tips for the griha pravesh of your new home
    • Always do the griha pravesh on an auspicious day. The idols should be placed in an east-facing direction of the house.
    • Thoroughly clean the house before the puja. Mop the floor with salt, to cleanse and purify the place.
    • While entering the house, always put your right foot first.
    • The main door should be decorated, as it is called as Simha Dwara and is the face of the Vastu Purush. Decorate the door with mango leaves and fresh flowers.
    • Adorn the floor with rangoli made of rice flour or vibrant colours. Rangolis on the floor are believed to invite goddesses Laxmi.
    • A havan (herbs and wood put in fire), is said to purify the space cleanse the surroundings.
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      Re : Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?

      Talking about the first point in the article, Griha Pravesh, there are some auspicious dates in the remaining 3 months of 2018 as follows:

      October, 2018 - Ashwin
      Griha Pravesh in Ashwin is considered inauspicious. Avoid shifting to your new home during this period as it could bring losses, health issues and troubles. However, house-warming during Navratri is considered auspicious. It is advisable to consult a priest before proceeding with the ceremony.

      November, 2018 - Kartik
      After July, the most auspicious period falls around Deepawali. Shifting to a new home during Deepawali brings wealth and prosperity to the family. This period is held in high regard as per Hindu beliefs.
      You can consider the following dates for Griha Pravesh Ceremony:

      (1) November 8, 2018
      (2) November 9, 2018

      After Shraadh Paksh, that will fall in September-October, the entire period is considered as auspicious. Starting from Navratri, Dusshera and after Deepawali, you can consider any date during this period.

      December, 2018 - Marghsheesh, Paush
      Consider house-warming ceremony only during the initial days of December as the Paush (the Hindu month for December) is considered inauspicious and brings bad luck for the family. The only shubh mahurat for house-warming is December 17, 2018.

      (taken from the web)
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        Re : Griha pravesh tips for a new house in the festive season?

        From the web -

        Griha Pravesh is one of the most auspicious occasions in the life of a home buyer. After all, your dream of having a home in your name has been completed. Your small savings, the efforts and sacrifices that you made till now have now finally seemed to be fruitful. But, the event of Griha Pravesh is not that ordinary that it may sound. At least it is not a case in India. To some, it may sound superstitious, but for us, it is a belief that comes from within. This is why we look for some of the most auspicious days for this eventful ceremony, and the festive season comes like a rescuer to celebrate such occassions. But, before you decided anything, you should always plan well before for the big day. Hence, Bullmen Realty has come up with a post to offer you some tips on Griha Pravesh to make it one of the most memorable experiences of life. Take a look.
        • It is always said that the griha pravesh puja should be done on an auspicious day as it will make coming years hassle free. The most favourable days for this ceremony are Dussehra, Akshaya Tritiya and Vasant Panchami. While, days such as Holi, Shraddha Paksha, Adhikmas, Uttarayana should be avoided.
        • Before you plan for griha pravesh, do make sure that the construction work of door, windows and roof is completed.
        • Before commencing the puja, clean the house with a broom and wipe out the floor thoroughly.
        • While entering to your new home break a coconut, it signifies the removal of obstacles from the house.
        • Always enter the house with your right foot first.
        • The entry point of a house is considered as a door of good fortune and prosperity by Vastu experts. So, decorate it with the symbols like the swastika or Laxmi Feet.
        • Adorn the door flooring with a rangoli made of vibrant colours to welcome goddess Laxmi.
        • You should also blow conch shells at your home to keep evil spirits at bay.
        • You should not leave your new home empty for at least one day after the griha pravesh puja is done. Otherwise, the effects of puja get null.
        • Place the idols in the east-facing direction of the house and don’t keep them against the wall.
        • Griha Pravesh puja should not be performed if there is a pregnant lady in the house or a death has taken place in the family, recently.
        • Always offer gifts, clothes and food to Brahman or priest.
        • Purify the entire house by sprinkling the holy water kept in the Kalash with the help of mango leaves.
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