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Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building


Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building

Last updated: August 16 2012
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  • Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building

    An easy and simple approach to enhance the quality of energy movement in your home or office is to strengthen the " earth Chi" . This was considered quite important from the early days and it is synonymous with the tenets of good Feng shui.

    The 'Chi' energy flows not only throughout our planet, but through the entire solar system and galaxy. Our own planet, earth, radiates 'chi' energy that flows out and away from the planet and is said to be the 'chi ' energy moving upwards referred to as the earth's force.

    The energy moving downwards towards the earth known as the heaven's force is from the planets surrounding the earth which radiates 'chi' energy. Hence the movement of 'chi' energy on the surface of the earth, and therefore in our homes and in our own bodies, is influenced by the earth itself and the surrounding planets.

    As the position of the earth and planets change, the movement of 'chi ' energy also changes, affecting our own flow of 'chi' energy.

    Buildings alter the flow of such 'chi' energy due to their shape, openings and the materials they are made of. The orientation of a building to the sun and planets will determine the kind of 'chi' energy that enters it and it has been found that energy most easily moves through the doors when compared to windows and other apertures.

    Features of the immediate surroundings, such as water or roads, further determine the kind of 'chi' energy that flows back and forth through the doors of the building and the energy keeps changing as the planets move through the sky, so there is a new pattern of 'chi' energy each year, month, day and hour. The right Feng shui design and interior decorations could enhance or counter the kind of 'chi' energy that moves around.

    Taoist Feng Shui speaks of the combination of the heaven and earth 'chi' which establishes a natural phenomenon upon which mankind exists and builds shelters. Earth 'Chi' is the most significant influence in our fortunes no doubt so much importance is given when a new construction is started or completed as the process of ushering in the right energy in a building needs to be looked into from the time the property is identified till the time it remains occupied and functional.

    Some important ways to strengthen the earth 'chi' are:

    Adapt floorings of solid (not broken or terrazzo) marble , granite or tiles (earth materials ) especially in the ground floor and avoid wood and carpet on the ground floor. Anything broken or haphazard suggests unstable "foundation' to the 'chi' movement.

    Surround your home with natural rocks and if few rocks are placed at the four corners of the property they signify strong and stable earth 'chi' .

    A solid wall at least 1.2 metre behind the home signifies earth support.

    Create a square patch filled with sand or pebbles to strengthen the earth 'chi' in front of the house.

    Accentuated patches of yellow especially towards northeast centre and southwest sectors of the home in the furnishings is a good enhancer of earth 'chi' .

    SBS Surendran is an accredited master Feng shui consultant, bioenergetician and traditional Vaastu practitioner.

    Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building - The Economic Times
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    Re : Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building

    Vaastu remedies for your home

    A personal wealth vase can be created with ease at home. It is a simple Feng Shui symbol that is an excellent way to attract great wealth. It is a vase filled with precious items, kept at home/ office or any premises.

    A personal wealth vase can be created with ease at home. It is a simple Feng Shui symbol that is an excellent way to attract great wealth. It is a vase filled with precious items, kept at home/ office or any premises. Placed well at a home/ office, the personal wealth vase can be a powerful tool to invite and maintain prosperity.

    How do one go about selecting a wealth vase? Selecting a vase that is beautiful, clean and valuable is mandatory. For the purpose, a container made of the Earth element or the Metal element is most suited. Earth vases are better suited than the Metal ones, though. This is because in the productive cycle of the five elements – the Earth produces Metal, and hence, the gold.

    Earth element vases are the ones made of porcelain, crystal or earthenware, while the Metal element vases are the ones made of copper, brass, any alloy, or even silver or gold. Of course, the more expensive the material, the more auspicious the vase is said to be. However, there's no need of going overboard, and buying a solid gold vase! A gold-plated one would be just as effective.

    The best shape for a wealth vase is the one where the vase has a fairly wide mouth that narrows into a slender neck and then broadens out into a wide bottom to resemble an hourglass. This shape signifies the fact that a plenty of money or wealth can flow in, down through the narrow neck and into the broad base, where it will accumulate and remain for a long time. The vase can be as big or as small as one desires. As long as it is used properly, it should provide satisfying results.

    The first thing to put in this new wealth vase, ideally, is a cluster of three, six, or nine Chinese coins, tied together with a red string. Next, the vase should be filled halfway with a combination of seven types of semi-precious stones. These can include amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, topaz, tiger’s eye, malachite, coral, lapis lazuli, sodalite, cornelian, jade, pearl, jasper, aquamarine, crystal, rose quartz, turquoise, etc. Diamonds or other real gems too may be included, or even real/ semi-precious jewellery, or simply colourful beads. Remember that Feng Shui is based on symbolism and intent, and will work just as well when using the coloured beads.

    Next, if possible, a bit of soil from a rich person’s garden may be added. THE SOIL SHOULD NOT BE STOLEN! It should be taken only after seeking the requisite permission. Or, it may bring bad luck! In essence, this is skin to borrowing some of their wealth energy. This may sound a bit out of the ordinary, but it work. Thus, one has to be ready to tread the unusual path, step out of their comfort zone, and the results can be very rewarding.

    Another option is to place a bit of soil from one's own garden or from the garden of a friend or family member. Additionally, a red package or a red envelope filled with real money may be put in the vase. This may be the paper money, coins or a combination of both.

    The next step in creating your wealth vase is to include five types of nourishing fruits (seeds and grain) such as millets, wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, red beans, green beans or soya-beans, to symbolize an abundant and constant supply of food in the family. This (uncooked) grain may be put together in a small plastic bag, before the bag is put in the vase. This should ideally fill the vase to the brim. If there is still some space left in the vase, it should be topped off with more semi-precious stones.

    On a last but very important note, the personal vase must be kept hidden away from the prying eyes of others, preferably inside a closet in the bedroom. It should never face the front door, or for that any door in the home, as this symbolizes the draining away of the wealth.

    This does not have to be an expensive remedy, and one should use items one already possesses, as far as possible. However, selecting the correct vase, even an expensive one is important.

    Have fun creating your vase. Personalise it, and connect with it. What next? Watch the money roll in!

    Vaastu remedies for your home - Yahoo! Lifestyle India
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      Re : Feng Shui: How to ensure the right energy in a building

      Feng Shui for singles

      Are you single? Been looking for love without success? There's no better way of attracting love than creating a smooth flow of chi with the help of Feng Shui. Did you know that a simple way to get into the love zone is to arrange the furniture around your house and make your bedroom a better space to invigorate romance? When areas of your home affecting your love life have a wrong floor plan or are cluttered, relationships are likely to get messed up. Here are some easy ways to get your love life back on track and connect with that someone special…

      All About Beds!
      NEVER place your bed where the sides are against the wall. Place side tables on both left and right hand side of your bed. This attracts positive energy and is a welcome change if you want to start a new relationship. Clean up your bedroom and clap loudly to clear out negative energy out of your room and out of your life. Place your bed in such a way that there is equal space on both sides.

      Free Up Space
      If you want to take your casual fling to the next level or want to take things forward with your love interest, you need to have some free space in your room. Make sure your closets, drawers and shelves are not filled to capacity or cluttered. Keeping some free space in your room will bring you one step closer to finding love.

      Get Rid of Your Past
      If you had an unsuccessful relationship, the first thing that you need to do is throw away stuff that reminds you of your past. Anything that belonged to your ex, maybe old clothes, photos that you clicked together or was a gift from your ex need to go. Do not keep old love letters stored away somewhere if you want your love life to get going.

      The Right Images
      Images have a strong impact on the kind of life you lead and the kind you desire so much. If you are fond of surrounding yourself with images make sure they do not symbolise loneliness, solitude, disagreement or sadness in any way. An image of a person alone is a sure shot way of saying goodbye to happy love relationships. No matter how special the image is to you, keep it away from your bedroom. The wall opposite to the foot of your bed is the best place for you to hang romantic artwork or anything in pairs. Anything that screams out "love" and "romance" will be perfect for your bedroom.

      Let chi find its way to you
      Walk around your home and look out for dingy and dark corners. Throw away all burnt out candles or used bulbs and add some light to these dark corners for positive energy. Make sure the doors in your home are in good condition. Doors that squeak, get stuck or need repairing attract bad luck so make sure they don't. Placing figures of two white swans on the far right corner of your bedroom will enhance your love life. You can also opt to light two red coloured candles at this corner for love.

      Feng Shui for singles - Yahoo! India Lifestyle
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