The main gate and the main door hold a great significance in the ancient vastu treatises,says ALKESH GUPTA

Constructing a house is a very vital decision for any individual.It is not only a big financial decision,particularly for Indians,but also possesses immense emotional value,as we spend all our good times and all our bad times within the four walls of this building.

An architect can design a very gorgeous house,but for many people it is the practices and precepts of vastu that they believe will make life happier for them.

The main gate and the main door hold a great significance in the ancient vastu treatises.There is also a practice of worshiping the main door and gate in Hinduism.We hang 'toran mala' (a cord strung with mango leaves) across the doorposts for increasing the effect of Venus in our homes.
It may be recalled that Venus is believed to govern the attainments of material prosperity,fortune,pleasures and every other conceivable materialistic comfort.We also place terracotta lamps and mark 'shubh-labh' on both sides of main gate on Diwali and on the day of 'grah pravesh' (house-warming ceremony).

When we cross any main door,we are entering into a new environment.There is a different temperature,different humidity level and different energy fields.Doors play a vital role in vastu.We get thorough instructions about the locations for fixing a door,depending upon the cardinal direction of the plot.Vastu also detail all the auspicious symbols that should be place around our doors.There are 49 prohibited and 17 permitted motifs for the main door.

Here are some important instructions about the main gate and the main door in a house,as enunciated in the vastu treatises:

In a south-facing house,the entrance should be from southeast
In a west-facing house,the entrance should be from northwest
In an east-facing house,the entrance should be from northeast
In a north-facing house,the entrance should be from northeast
The height of the main gate must not exceed the height of the compound wall

If the house has two gates,don't lock the main gate and use the small entrance.Open all gates frequently and keep them well maintained to allow positive energy to flow into the house

Care should be taken that within the compound,trees,poles,pillars,wells,bore wells,walls,junctions,etc,right in front of the door,must be avoided at all costs

It is advisable to have all four (top and side) frames of the door because it not only adds to the strength of the frame but also prevents small creatures like worms,snakes,insects,etc,from having an easy passage into the house.Appling turmeric powder,kumkum,etc,to the door frames kills various harmful germs.Therefore it is better to have a threshold at least for the main gate,pooja room and all the external doors
Never place a door in the middle of the facade of the house
It is advisable to have a single shutter for the doors rather than double and to have all the external doors opening outside for better strength and security.In case of the main door,it has to open inside the house for the purpose of aesthetics and better mutability;also it must open to the left and not to the right

Doors in the upper floors must confirm to the doors below
No two doors (main entrance doors of two different houses facing each other) should be opposite each other

More than five shakhas (frames) are not allowed in the composition of a door frame to be placed in a human dwelling.This indicates that apart from the usual four frames,an additional fifth one can be used to accommodate a ventilator within the door frame

The tradition of decoration of doors,which is maintained even till today,has come down from ancient times;our ancestors believed that a plain door is inauspicious

A south-entrance door causes loss of wealth

A western-side entrance door is believed to ensure success in all enterprises for the occupants

A northern-side entrance door is considered auspicious.Inmate will have all round prosperity and gain name and frame

The total number of doors should be even in number,that is,2,4,6,8,12,etc.But the number of doors must not be 10 or 20,as these numbers end with a zero and are considered inauspicious The number of windows and ventilators should also be even and not odd In an arched entrance,the shutter should not follow the pattern of the arch - the rectangular shape should be retained and the gap above should be altered with a fixed semi-circular artifact

The level of the main entrance should be a little higher than the approach way.If there are steps leading up to it,they should be odd in number
The fixing of the main door should be done in an auspicious 'muhurata' (time),according to vastu principles

On auspicious and festival days,the entrance should be decorated with 'haldi' (turmeric paste) and sandal paste along with 'torans'
Old and used doors are not recommended for new construction
Doors should be made up of good quality wood,preferably teak wood.Any other good quality timber can also be used but it should be of the same type throughout the door.It should also be well seasoned
Wood from honne,devadaru,white and red matti,Saagwan,Ashoka,Bevu (Neem),Shrigandha (Sandalwood),Sal,Bogi,Kiral Bogi,etc,are good for buildings

The entrance door should have an image of Lord Ganesh above and the swastika sign along the side

Wood from Bilva,Banni,Nugge,Jayati,Aala,Burgad,Kolli,Mango,Palm,etc,are of secondary variety

Wood from auspicious trees like Ashwatha,Atti,coconut,etc,are not to be used in buildings

The size of the main door should be larger and look more impressive than of the other doors in the building

Ancient texts lay great emphasis on the quality of material,workmanship,shape,proportion,size of wood,woodwork and their artistic style.

The vastu texts enumerate nearly 17 possible defects in wood work,which are to be avoided.Doors which make noise when opening or closing are considered bad.Doors that shut-up and close by themselves are considered inauspicious.



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  • Hi Alkesh

    I have an query on the count of external doors facing East.

    Its a new independent house(NOT row or duplex).

    Main Door: facing East in the North east corner made of teak wood which is bigger in all measures from all the external doors.

    2nd External door: Opens from the kitchen facing east in the middle of East wall.
    3rd External door: Opens in the North east corner facing North.
    4th External door: Opens in the North in the middle of the North wall.

    Can you please suggest on whether having two east facing doors is OK?