Great importance is given for the decoration of the house with the paintings, idols and especially the main door decoration. The main door was considered very important in ancient days and even today as the people used to think that all the prosperity and money comes from the main door.

The pictures, painting or models of the animals like pigs, snake and birds like eagle, owl, crow, pigeons, vultures should not be placed in a house.
All pictures or wooden or metal figures of wild beasts like tigers, lions, wolves, bears, jackals, and wild animal, hounds etc. should be avoided.
The heavy furniture should be placed in the SouthWest side of the room and the light furniture can accommodate in any corner.
Symbols like Swastik, Om, Rangoli decorations stop the entry of evil spirits and evil influences in the house.
The photographs of the ancestors should be placed on the southWestern side of the house.
The clock should be placed on the Eastern, Western or Northern wall.

Installation of Idols in homes and other buildings: A pooja or worship place is a must in a home; it is better to have one in office, factory, schools, colleges and other buildings too. The appropriate place is the north-east corner of the building and if not then the north-east corner of the room in house and central chowk or garden or lawn of other buildings. The deities like Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar, Surya, Inder should face east or West and four-headed Brahma, six-headed kartikeya, five faced Shiv can be placed facing any direction. Hanuman ji should face southwest.

Whatever is exhibited should be pleasing to the eyes and mind bringing joy and cheer to those who view them; aesthetic and cultural aspects also should be borne in mind, while selecting decorative pieces or paintings and pictures and placing them in our home.

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  • Buddha at the entrance: Keep a Buddha statue at the main entrance to safeguard your home from negativity. It works well when the statue is kept facing East.

    Caution: Please check the authenticity of the statue before you make the purchase. Also, do ensure that the statue is not placed on the floor. You should clean it on regular basis.

    Vastu paintings: Certain paintings bring good luck in your life including, seven running horses, waterfall, goldfish and flowing river to attract money. Paintings of endless straight paths and roads help you attract new job opportunities in life. Homes that miss on fire element must include paintings of sunrise and beautiful candles. Also, one can place paintings of birds and flowers for strengthening mutual relationships.

    Wind chimes: According to Vastu, melodious wind chimes will bring positivity, peace and happiness. Wind chimes are good sound cures correcting the way in which the energy flow. Metal wind chimes are perfect for the North, West and North-West sectors. Wooden wind chimes should be placed in the South-East, East and South sectors. For ceramics wind chime North-East, South-West and centre sectors comes out to be the best.

    Water with flowers: This is the simplest method to bring positivity in your life. Just take a beautiful bowl filled with water. Now, add some flowers to it. You got your décor piece that will not only make your home look beautiful. But, it is also considered auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra says that doing this will bring wealth in your life.

    Fish aquariums: Decorating your home with aquariums can bring life to your living space. But, it is not just a piece of décor. As per Vastu Shastra placing fish aquarium at home is a way to rectify many Vastu Dosha. Also, there are many research that aquariums tend to reduce stress, high blood-pressure and anxiety.

    Some other articles attracting positivity:

      Bring good luck by placing fresh flowers in your home. Pick some bright flowers and put them into a jar. Place this vase on your center table.
      Placing an artistic small lamp in the centre of your hallway will bring positivity in your life.
      Placing dog statues at the entrance of your home will safeguard you from evil spirits.
      Adorning your home with small waterfalls act as a good luck charm.