Through Vaastu you can achieve the following:

1. Clarity of Mind
2. Joy and Happiness
3.Personal Influence
4.Overcome Anxiety
5.Let Money Flow
6.Getting Fame and Recognition
7. Power and Confidence
8.Stop Wastage of Money and Energy
9.Improve Studies
10. Control Abnormal Behaviour
11. Strengthen Family Bonding
12. Maximise Industrial Production
13.Heal Depression
14.More Order and Sales
15.Financial Support
16. Best Product Quality
17.New Opportunities
18.Health and Healing Energy
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  • Few days back I visited a progressive farmer about 400 Kms away from my place who is earning 40-50 lakhs profit from his 15 acars of agriculture land to have first hand information. I saw his agriculture land and also visited his house in the village. It was constructed 100% as per vastu. This farmer is not even studied 10th std. He admitted his son and daughter in BSc Agriculture course. We are reading farmer's suicide news through newspapers very frequently. His house is one more example of vastu benefits.
  • I also believe in vastu. i did slight changes in my home and found things working fine for me.
  • Here are some Vastu tips you could follow to bring home prosperity and wealth:

      The north or east directions are considered ideal for constructing the main entrance. A door made of teak wood is a plus. Also, keep the entrance clutter-free, do not keep shoes here.
      To bring financial stability, placing your head in the south when sleeping.
      Keep money plant in a green vase in the north direction it helps attract money and better career opportunities. You can also keep a bamboo plant, a painting of thick forest or lush green field.
      An aquarium is the master key to harmony and success. Place it in the south-east direction of the living room or the north direction in other rooms. Do not place an aquarium in bedroom or kitchen.
      Vastu suggests that placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity.
      Keep a bird feeder in your yard or balcony. Ensure that it is always filled with water and grains.
      Keep a mirror facing the cash locker. It is known to multiply wealth. But, make sure a broken mirror, a watch or an electronic appliance is removed as the hinder growth.
      Colour purple symbolises wealth, hence, keep purple plants like Orchids or purple-coloured pots indoor to bring positivity.
  • While the popularity of Vastu has increased today more than ever, there may be times when a buyers in not in a position to let go of a deal because there are possible defects attached with the property. In such situations, applying the likely remedy would be the only option for buyers. While buying a home, do make sure the benefits outnumber the Vastu defects of the property, if any.

  • Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Bed Placement

    Vastu Tips, Vastu Shastra, Bed, Bedroom Your bed may be the most elegant-looking article of furniture in your house. However, it can affect your physical health if it is not rightly positioned. This is true not only from a scientific angle but also from the perspective of Vastu. According to Vastu, the direction you face while sleeping influences you sleeping pattern. Therefore, your bed must be positioned in a Vastu-friendly manner. Here are some useful tips for placing the bed in your home. - The bed should not be placed facing the bathroom door or under a window or in a way that it obstructs the door. - Position the headboard accordingly so that you sleep towards the south or the east direction. - If there is a mirror in the bedroom, keep it in a way that it does not reflect the bed as it can disturb your sleep. - Any kind of clutter under the bed can make energies stagnant and hinder their smooth flow. Remove them immediately. - A supporting wall behind your bed is considered ideal. However, ensure there is a gap of at least three inches between the bed and the wall. - Storage beds are popular nowadays but do not store metal or leather objects in your bed
  • Thank you for sharing you Vaastu knowledge with us.
  • Dear LeenaS,

    I just came across this forum as I was looking for some advise on the Vastu remedies for a house I have recently purchased.

    It's a south facing house with entrance located on 5-9 padas. I have read in various forums that it is highly inauspicious to have a south facing house with entrace in this location. Moreover, it is not possible for me to make any change in the same.

    May I request you to suggest what remedies are available to nullify any negative effects of this Vastu Dosh.